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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Office: State Capitol, Albany 12224
Telephone: 518-474-8390
Fax: 518-474-1513
Web site:


 Another anti-gun Democrat from New York.  Who Knew? Who could have guessed?   Don't think that Cuomo will ever refuse to sign any anti-gun bill and know that he will always promote all anti-gun measures.
  Anti-gun Cuomo is famous for his failed "HUD Safe Gun Agreement" that he made in 2000 when he was the head of HUD with (the old British held,) Smith & Wessen.  The HUD Safe Gun Agreement specified that Smith & Wesson would: 1) follow a gun manufacturer code of conduct prohibiting the company from doing business with dealers responsible for selling a disproportionate number of guns used in crimes; 2) bar gun sales without a background check of the buyer to prevent straw purchases and other suspect firearm sales; 3) require the inclusion of gun tracing data and mandate a comprehensive series of safety features including locking devices, smart gun technology, and other features to prevent accidental and criminal gun deaths; 4) limit the delivery of multiple handgun sales; and, 5) refrain from advertising in a manner that appeals to criminals.

NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
  I can only think of one or two major anti-gun measure that he could have possibly left out but then again, the plan was from 2006 so I am sure that he has had enough time to add them to his "to do while I am governor" list. (If you take a dep breath, you can smell the faint stench of a future anti-gun Presidential candidate.)

Enact commonsense laws lie microstamping of guns

We must keep our communities safe. Gun violence remains one our most serious problems. We must enact commonsense gun safety laws, such as requiring the microstamping of guns. Microstamping--a pro-law enforcement, low cost method of expanding the ability of police to identify guns used in illegal activities--would require all new semiautomatic handguns to be equipped with microscopic identifying markings, which are transferred to each cartridge case when the firearm is fired.
Source: Campaign website,, "Issues & Agenda" Nov 2, 2010

  As NY's AG he had a 5 point plan in 2006:

1) Create a Statewide Coalition of Mayors and County Executives to Stop the Flow of Illegal Guns: Using HUD's Communities for Safer Guns

2) Require Smart Gun Technology: As provided for in the HUD Safe Gun Agreement, ...

3) Require Microstamping of Guns to Help Law Enforcement Track Down Illegal Guns and Solve Crimes: All new semiautomatic handguns sold in New York will be required to be equipped with microstamping technology.

4) Ban Sale of "Saturday Night Specials" or Junk Guns:

5) Fight to Enact Comprehensive Package of Existing Proposals: Enactment of a series of bills will help to curb illegal trafficking and accidental gun violence.

o Prohibiting the sale of weapons to dealers whose guns consistently wind up in the illegal market. Specifically, prohibiting the sale of weapons to dealers who have sold more than 20 weapons in ny 12-month period in the past five years that have been used in crimes or illegally possessed;
o Only selling to dealers who maintain an electronic database including specifications of all guns held in inventory or for sale, and the names and license numbers of all gun buyers;
o Providing full access of records to law enforcement and government regulators;
o Limiting purchases by an individual to one weapon per 30 days in order to prevent individuals from acting as "straw purchasers;"
o Implementing a security plan for securing weapons in transit;
o Prohibiting the sale of weapons at gun shows without a mandatory background check for each sale made at that gun show.

• Gun Dealer and Manufacturer Responsibility Measure (A.9280/Paulin): This bill would establish stricter standards for gun dealers to include improved record keeping, liability insurance, inventory security and mandatory training of salespeople. It would lower the threshold number of guns required for criminal possession and sale of firearms.
• Tracking Guns Involved in Crimes (A.2213/Koon D-Perinton): This bill requires law nforcement personnel to submit ballistic information to the new State police Ballistic Identification Databank whenever spent bullets, shell casings or guns come into their possession. Currently, local law enforcement agencies are NOT required to submit evidence to a centralized crime laboratory/databank. Requiring agencies to do so would facilitate exchange of information, increase the effectiveness of labs and local law enforcement. Although this would not be as effective as microstamping, it is a good solution for identifying guns used in multiple criminal activities. (Passed in NYS Assembly in January 2006.)
• Childproofing Firearms (A.2302/Englebright D-Setauket): This bill makes it a Class A misdemeanor (punishable by up to one year in jail) to sell guns without childproof features. Covered under provisions of the bill are pistols or revolvers manufactured 12 or more months after the effective date of the bill. Design features could include making the weapon more difficult to fire by adjusting the trigger resistance of the gun to at least a 10-pound pull, altering the firing mechanism so that an average five-year-old child's hand would be too small to operate the gun or requiring a series of multiple motions in order to fire the gun. (Passed in the NYS Assembly in January 2006.)
• Ban Armor Piercing Ammunition (A.2837/Koon D-Perinton): This bill bans armor-piercing ammunition (designed for Gulf War) designed to explode upon impact. More than 140 police and sheriffs departments around the state have signed resolutions.
• Keeping Guns Out of the Hands of Violent Felons (A.1170/Dinowitz D-Bronx): This bill eliminates a loophole that allows a convicted violent felon to obtain a firearms license and possess a weapon after being granted a legal waiver. Current law allows a convicted violent felon to possess a rifle or shotgun lawfully after being issued a"certificate of good conduct." Under this legislation, violent felons who are issued a certificate of relief from disabilities or certificate of good conduct would be prevented from obtaining a firearms license. The bill also criminalizes the possession of a rifle or shotgun by a convicted violent felon. (Passed in the NYS Assembly in January 2006.)
• Keeping Guns Out of Hands of Domestic Abusers (A.2404/O'Donnell D-Manhattan): This bill seeks to protect victims of domestic violence by requiring criminal or family court judges to inquire about the existence and location of firearms owned or possessed by a defendant when an order of protection is sought. (Passed in NYS Assembly in January 2006.)
• Stopping Assault Weapons (A.2466-A/Lavelle D-Staten Island): This bill closes the loopholes in New York State's current assault weapons ban. Seeking to address the void when President Bush and Congress allowed the federal assault weapon ban to expire, the Assembly proposal would expand the definition of assault weapon to prohibit more of these deadly guns in New York - including guns that have been modified to work like assault weapons. (Passed in NYS Assembly in January 2006.)
• Banning 50-Caliber Weapons (A.4471-A/Eddington D-Medford (Suffolk County): This bill bans 50-caliber sniper weapons, which can be used to disable commercial aircraft and helicopters and are powerful enough to penetrate steel plating. These dangerous weapons, which are used extensively by the United States military, are accurate from over one mile away. They continue to be available for purchase in New York by anyone who can buy a rifle. The Assembly had sought to include a ban on these weapons in a comprehensive state anti-terrorism law passed two years ago, but the proposal was rejected by the Senate and the governor each time. (Passed in the NYS Assembly in January 2006.)
• The Children's Weapon Accident Prevention Act (A.673-A/Weisenberg): This bill seeks to protect children from accidental shootings. Five new categories of crimes against individuals would be created under the bill's provisions for negligent storage of a weapon. Gun retailers would be required to alert consumers about the new weapons storage requirements. The state Education Department would develop a weapons safety program to teach children how to prevent weapon accidents. (Passed by NYS Assembly in January 2006)
• Gun Alteration Prevention (A. 895/Lentol): This bill would prevent the alteration or design of guns to appear to resemble toy guns.

NY Assembly Districts for Orange County, 96, 97, 98, 100

96th, Blooming Grove Nancy Calhoun NY Assembly District 96
Nancy Calhoun, R-C-I, Elected 1990
Local:    1012 Little Britain Rd.
              Suite 900
              New Windsor, NY 12553
              Fax 567-3910
Albany:  525 Legislative Office Building
              Albany, NY 12248
              (518)-455-5441, fax (518) 455-5884
Direct Link:

Nancy Calhoun has always stood up for our 2nd Amendment Rights.  CLICK HERE to see her corrected the majority’s assertion that the California Chiefs of Police Association has endorsed using the technology, when in reality they retracted their support of micro stamping due to issues regarding its reliability and the ease with which these markings could be removed.

97th, Walkill Annie Rabbit, NY Assembly 97th District
Annie Rabbitt, R, Elected 2005
Local:   41 High St.
            Goshen, NY 10924
            291-3631, fax 291-0992
Albany: 719 Legislative Office Building
             Albany, NY 12248
             (518)-455-5991, fax (518)-455-5929
Direct Link:

Annie Rabbitt has always voted with us to support our 2nd Amendment rights.

100th, Newburgh
Tom Kirwin R-I-C, Elected 2010Tom Kirwin, NY Assembly, 100th District

Local:   190 South Plank Rd.
             Newburgh, NY 12550
             562-0888, fax 561-5218
Albany: 431 Legislative Office Building
             Albany, NY 12248
             (518)-455-5762, fax (518)-455-5593
E-mail: ???@

  You can not get a closer race than this: 

Kirwin            15,084
Skartados       15,069
     Won by            15 Votes

So don't tell me that your vote doesn't count.  Skartados voted against your rights every time that I know of.  Kirwin served mor many years but lost the election in the Obama landslide.  After 2 years he won back his seat and he always supports your 2nd Amendment rights.

98th, Forestburgh Aileen M. Gunthe, NY Assembly 98th District
Aileen M. Gunther,
Local:   18 Anawana Lake Rd.
            Monticello, NY 12701
            794-5807, fax 794-5910
Local: 19 South Street
           Middletown, NY 10940
Albany: 435 Legislative Office Building
             Albany, NY 12248
             (518)-455-5355, fax (518)-455-5239
Aileen M. Gunther replaced her husband Jake Gunther, who passed away in 2003 after serving in the Asembly for over 12 years.. As a conservative pro-gun Orange Co. Democrat, Jake was one of the few democrats in the assembly that we could turn to. Aileen promised to follow in his footsteps and she has and she has always supported your 2nd Amendment rights.  She has been willing to vote against the anti-gun Democrats and she has been willing to stand with us at many of our events.

Pre-2003 Districts
94th, Blooming Grove, Nancy Calhoun, R-C-I
98th, Forestburgh, Jacob E. Gunther III, D-C
95th, Walkill, Howard D. Mills III, R-C
101st, Kingston, Kevin Cahill, D

Nancy Calhoun's Local Office
Nancy Calhoun's Local Office

NY Senate Districts, 38, 39, 42

38TH, New City
David Carlucci, D, Working Families David Carlucci, NY 38th Senate District

Local:  95 South Middletown Road
           Nanuet, NY 10954
           Phone: 845-623-3627
           Fax: 845-624-0424

Albany: 302 Legislative Office Building
            Albany, NY 12247
            (518)-455-2991, fax (518)-4426-6737


     David Carlucci replaces Tom Morahan,(Rino),(and who also was responsable for the NY AWB), who passed away in 2010. As of 4/2011, Carlucci has not supported any gun bills that we know of.

From Wikipedia: in part "New York's Working Families Party was first organized in 1998 by a coalition of labor unions, ACORN and other community organizations, ..."

39th, New Windsor 
William J. Larkin Jr., R-C, Elected 1990
Local:   1093 Little Britain Rd.
             New Windsor, NY 12553
             567-1270Picture of NY State Sen. Larkin
              fax 567-1276
Ralph Caruso
Albany: 612 Legislative Office Building
             Albany, NY 12247
              (518)-455-2770, fax (518)-426-6923
Michell Stefanucci or Matt Haas are POC

    100% Support of your 2nd Amendment Rights.

42th, Mount Hope
John J. Bonacic, R-C, Elected 1998 John J. Bonacic
Local:  201 Dolson Avenue, Suite F
           Middletown, NY  10940
           (845) 344 3311
Albany: 815 Legislative Office Building
            Albany, NY 12247
            (518)-455-3181, fax (518)-426-6948

He supports us.