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The The Monroe Chapter of the FOP is very active in providing information and working to speed up this procedure.   They have arranged for special safety classes for all retired officers.  Please check their website for more information on special activities.

IN GENERAL    New York law is very specific in what you must do, what information you must provide and what additional paperwork you must provide to get a "LICENSE TO CARRY PISTOL IS HEREBY GRANTED"  under PL 400. You will have to meet the same requirements and face the same problems that everyone else has to meet to be issued a license under PL 400.  In addition you will also have to have a "GOOD GUY" letter and provide a C-Form, voucher or letter listing all of the guns on your shield. The only advantage to being a retired police officer is that you can have your "LICENSE" stamped with "Retired Police Officer"

PL400.00   6.  License:  validity
(d) the licensee is a retired police officer as police officer is defined pursuant to subdivision thirty-four of  section  1.20 of the criminal procedure law or a retired federal law enforcement officer,  as  defined in section 2.15 of the criminal procedure law, who has been issued a license by an authorized licensing officer as  defined  in subdivision  ten  of  section 265.00 of this chapter; provided, further, however, that if such license was not issued in the city of New York  it must be marked "Retired Police Officer" or "Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer", as the case may be, and, in the case of a retired officer the  license  shall  be  deemed  to  permit  only  police or federal law enforcement  regulations  weapons.
    If you want an "Unrestricted" license you will have to ask for it.  On the line of the Application that ask: "A LICENSE IS REQUIRED FOR THE FOLLOWING REASON:"  put in "RETIRED POLICE OFFICER, REQUEST UNRESTRICTED LICENSE."  Each Judge decides if any license will be issued "restricted" or "unrestricted" or the Judge might have some special requirement to get an "unrestricted" license.  You can not argue with the JUDGE.  Most if not all of the Judges in Orange County will be understanding but it is the job of the Judge to decide each application on a case by case basis no matter what the person's background is.  Please read all of the topics about getting a pistol license on the Orange County NY Shooters web site for more information and to find out who your Judge will be.
    The Pistol License Department does not have anything to do with "restrictions" on a license and they can not tell you what to say to your Judge for you to get an "Unrestricted" license.
    You can request you "Good Guy" letter up to 6 months before you retire and you can turn in your application without the letter as long as you get the letter when the FBI check is finished.  (I have been told that because of the backlog it is very hard to get the "Good Guy" letter in advance.)
     As you know, several thousand NYC Police Officers will retire after 1999.  Many hundreds live in Orange County and will be required to have a license issued by a Judge in Orange County.  Several people representing police groups are working to make the process as easy as possible and will be offering special safety classes.  The Pistol Department will help you as much as possible but you must remember that the Pistol Permit issued almost 400 licenses and almost 1,800 amendments in 2000.  Those number ar up to 600 new licenses and almost 1,900 amendments in 2002  With several hundred additional applications a year coming from retired officers, the Pistol Department will be very busy.
 Please help them by having all of the forms that they require and fill them out correctly!
Call them at  291-3060 if you have more questions.

    The Pistol Permit Department will need a copy of your "C-FORM" for every gun on your shield.


   If you have not Vouchered your firearms you will need to supply the Pistol Department with a letter with a letterhead signed by a commanding officer listing all of your firearms.
    If you have Vouchered your firearms you will need to give the Pistol Department a Property Clerks Invoice listing the firearms that you will have on your license.

(This is an old letter but the new letter is almost the same)
NY City Police Retirement Instructions