Hunters Against Hunger
New York / Tri-State Chapter Mission Statement:
Contact DEC: Glen Cole, Tel: 914-256-3060

Our goal is to promote Conservation and Ethical hunting practices to the best of our ability.  We support gun ownership and cherish our rights under the second amendment of the US constitution.  We will strive to promote kinship and brotherhood among fellow hunters in the spirit of fair chase.

This information is provided for those successful sportsmen who wish to share their good fortune with those of less fortune.

Proper dressing and cooling and careful transportation of deer carcasses is essential.  Do not donate venison that you would not eat yourself.  Please read details below to donate your game:

  1. Rules & Regulations
  2. Venison only - Lawfully hunted and tagged
  3. Portions only - No whole deer or Road kills
  4. Deer killed by farmers with valid crop damage permits permitted
  5. Cubed or ground meat preferred
  6. Frozen packages properly labeled.  (labels available at venison processors)
List of Venison Processors:
    You can have your venison processed in several participating butchers in New City, Tomkins Cove and Katonah and other locations.

List of Food Bank Charities:
    Food Banks that accept the venison are located in Westchester, Orange, Rockland, Sullivan and Long Island.

Contact DEC:
Glen Cole, Tel: 914-256-3060