Start your own (YOUR COUNTY'S NAME) County Shooters Web Page

If you can type a letter and save it on your computer you can have a web page.  While it takes some learning to use the programs and FTP, it is easy and you can always get help.
Use the free space your ISP provides or use one of the free providers on the Internet, (but remember the free providers include advertisements.)
Use Free web creation programs like Netscape Composer to make your web page.  Many programs that you already have might have web building tools.
After you have your web page set up, it does not take much to maintain your page.

Guideline: Do not take any ones word for anything, confirm your information, do not show a preference for one person, group, company, or store and be honest.  Remember to have keywords, description, alt. text for all pictures and titles for all pages.

What to list for a basic page.

     That is all you need for a basic page. The idea is promote shooting sports and to make people aware of where to shoot and how to get a pistol license.  After you get your page up you can add additional information like a list of local events, a local e-newsletter and other topics.  The idea is to have general appeal and specific information for your county.  Do not start off with a 1,000 word tract about the 2nd Amendment and how we are loosing our rights, you can do that latter.  You can provide a service to local clubs and events by listing what is going on in your county.  I post scores for a local shooting league on a hidden web page. (I do not have a link to the web page and I only give the address, ( to the people in the league.  I store the scores as a *.jpg or *.gif file so that if the file is seen by a search engine it only sees pictures and not the names of the shooters.)

     If you start a web page let me know and I will start a web ring.  You can be as famous or even more famous than me.

E- mail me at if you have any questions.