The following is a comment from someone who knows more about the AR 15 than I do.

Check out Newsday's drawing of AR-15 fire-control parts...Did
you know that the firing pin is physically part of the hammer
(according to them, it's where the hammer upper part of the auto
sear is)? Did you know that primers are still called 'detonator
caps?' It was nice to see the full-auto/3-shot burst fire-control
parts, though. Boy, y'a sure can learn all the new fancy stuff from
people who know very little!

from Alan Chwick at Nassau County News Flash

I sent an e-mail to the person that runs the web site that they credit as their source: Firearms  The following is what he sent me:hammer illustration is mislabeled.

"They didn't get any illustrations from me. The "firing pin" and hammer illustration is mislabeled. They have used a lot of my definitions and text but you won't find the word detonator cap any where on my site. Don't know where they got that!"

In an additional e-mail he sent me he said:

"You know I went back and looked at the illustration again and I don't think they got any of the material from my website. Initially I though the wording sounded like some from my website but now I'm sure it's not. No one from that website wrote or called for permission to use my material."


AR 15 picture with several errors.