News from the Conservative Party of New York State

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      FT. HAMILTON STATION, NY -- (01/29/2004; 1030)(EIS) -- Conservative Party Chairman, Michael R. Long, let New York State Legislators know, in a strongly worded Legislative Memo, that the proposal to increase pistol fees is another infringement on responsible gun ownership. Following is the body of the memo issued to all 212 state legislators:
     The Conservative Party of New York State has been a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution and is adamantly opposed to any action that will hinder the rights of Americans and New York State citizens to own a gun.
     We see this proposal as another infringement on responsible gun ownership.
     Section 400.00 of the Penal Law is amended to impose a $100 State licensing fee on new and renewal pistol or revolver licenses; a $25 fee on duplicate licenses; and a $25 fee on license transfers. Additionally, caps on local fees are removed and such fees will be determined by the appropriate county legislature or the New York City Council.
     This bill seeks to establish a 5-year expiration for gun licenses issued outside of NY City, Long Island and Westchester (where permit expiration dates already exist). All current holders of "lifetime"licenses will need to have their licenses certified prior to February 1, 2005 and these certifications will expire on a 5 year prorated basis in accordance with a schedule determined by the Superintendent of State Police. The proposal also mandates that for recertification of a gun license a National Instant Background Check System (NICS) search shall be conducted instead of requiring the resubmission of the applicant's fingerprints.
     Since there is currently no state fee for gun licenses the State does not maintain a database of all licensed handguns... this proposal would make one possible. This, we contend, is another way for the government to limit the rights of our citizens. How long before they knock on our doors and tell us our license has expired?
     We urge you to vote no on this proposal; law-abiding citizens should be encouraged to provide for themselves, not economically punished for doing so.