August 30-31, 2003

     Every year the Civil War is brought to life by historically accurate reenactors at Museum Village in Monroe, NY. You can attend for a modest fee and explore the encampments of Union and Confederate troops, see demonstrations, fashion parades, sutler tents, battle re-enactment and much more. They have traveling stores that set up tents so that you can buy items from the time period, both new reproductions and originals. Feel free to walk around and talk to the reenactors who travel from all over the north east to attend. Take your children and don't miss the battles even though you know how who will win.

     You can outfit an army with the items that you can find in stores that are under the tents. If you want to look at some black powder rifles or handguns, this is a good place to compare items.
     Most of the reenactors know their stuff and are able to explain what they do and what is going on. This is Lt. Col. Ian McKay, (James L. Mathews) showing off and explaining some of the firearms that he has.
       They bring the big guns along and they shoot them, (blanks of course,) and they do make a lot of smoke.
             They bring several different types of black powder cannon.    
     The women are free to come along and they have as much fun as the men folk.  
       Members from a local NY regiment attend.    

      Don't think that this is just a small gathering. Almost all of Museum Village is filled with tents, vendors, reenactors and equipment including some horses. The small field where they have a battle is in a small valley so you have a great seat and can see all of the battle.

     Even though the Yankees out numbered them, the Rebs put in a good show and they had fun even if they did not win, (this time.)



     These are the boys out to practice their marching.

This is the boys making some smoke.
     Everyone was welcome to stop by and chat and find out how the war was going and who was refusing to fall down dead when they got shot. (Hint: the guys in the blue outfits.)  




Museum Village in Orange County
RT. 17M
Monroe, NY