Orange County NY
Friends of the NRA
2004 Dinner

                                                          We want to thank all of those who attended and made the event such a success
                                                       and to all of those individuals and local businesses who donated items.
      Congratulations also in in order to those who received awards and especially to those who received Grants from
   the Foundation because raising the money for the grants is the reason that these dinners are held.
     It takes a lot of hard work to put these dinners together and a special thanks is in order for those volunteers who spent many hours planning, organizing and doing the work necessary to put on such a successful event.

22 semi-auto

Charles Poles Mossburg 12 gauge

Carmen Heitzman 30-30 Marlin

John Richardson 50 Cal BP

Rob Ciehon NRA Youth 22

Steven Richard 12 Gauge pump