Springfield Armory

Action Pistol Challenge
at the NRA 2003 Annual meeting in
Orlando, Florida
Group Picture
My group picture
    I decided to shoot in the Action Pistol Challenge that Springfield Armory held. It was great fun and the entrance fee paid for supplied guns and ammo and a great grab bag full of goodies that was given to the 363 shooters. Springfield Armory gave away 22 guns in total but none went to me. You could shoot the 1911 style or their new XD style handgun. I choose the XD and I really liked it. When I get around to buying a 40 cal. the XD is going to be at the top of the list. Everyone had fun and it was well run. I liked being able to pick a gun and try it out for only $1 for 5 shots.
     The event was held at the Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club just a few miles from where the NRA was holding the annual meeting. It looked like a great club and they had a great setup. A big thanks to all of the people from the club that helped and made the event such a success. Please visit their website and look at the pictures that they have. (I was 43 out of 69 in the XD Division and it was me not the gun.)

     The first thing that you had to do was check in. It was a smooth and easy operation.


They had lots of good help to go over the guns with you and to make sure everyone was safe.
Lots O' Guns
They had all of their handguns lined up for you to check out.

Rifles and others
They also had everything else they make that goes bang.

Pick a gun $1 for 5 rounds
They had 3 tables set up will all the handguns that you could shoot for 5 rounds for $1

Keep them loading.
On some stages you had to "Load your own."
Mr. Shoot Alot Hit Little
Me acting like I am hitting something.
The Funnest stage
This was the one I liked the most. Lots of easy targets to knock down.
4th stage
The 4th stage.
The Hard stage
The 5th and last stage was the hardest for many.
  Rob gives a demo.
Rob gave an excellent demonstration and pulled off some impressive shots like a draw and one shot in less than 1 second.and a draw and 2 shots in just at 1 second.

Detail of Rob's picture