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This room is not in NY State and is fully legal. Please Click on PHOTO ALBUMS to see other photo albums of other events and visit the rest of this web site.


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Safe room

     On a recent trip I had someone ask me to come by if I had time, that they had something that I might be interested in seeing.  Knowing that the person was very modest and not prone to bragging I decided to see what was up.  I was taken into the room that I have been in several times in the past where I knew that large safes had been placed in several closets. My host opened up one closet that held a door to a safe.  I thought that a new large safe had been installed in the closet but below is what I saw when we walked through the door.  It was not just a safe but a large room filled with two large chairs, a cleaning area, ammo storage, reloaders, and 16 large drawers filled with guns and knives of all kinds, shapes and sizes.

North wall West                 North wall East  
North wall

East wall

East wall

full suppressed full auto

West wall

West wall
class 3 pistols
class 3 pistols
class 3 pistols
large cal revolvers
(nickel plated S&W 52)
One of many boxed Colts
long sharp things
       As you can guess, I did not take a picture of all of the drawers or all of the guns.  Many of the guns are rare or one of a kind and some have been used in movies that you would know.  Also not shown is another rather large safe that was in one corner of the room.  One can only wonder what would be in that.
       With no windows and only the one door and very thick reinforced walls, many security devices installed and a direct line to the local police who know what the alarm is guarding, anyone foolish enough to try anyting will be meeting the local, well trained SWAT team quicker than they can imagine.