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Monroe Chester Boot Hill Regulators
Open House, Sept. 2005


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     The Monroe Chester Boot Hill Regulators Posse held an Open House to introduce experienced Orange County shooters to Cowboy Action Shooting on September 25, 2005. All you needed to shoot was a handgun license. The shoot was lots of fun and all guns and ammo was free.

That is Dosta Kid in the middle, (with an illegal baseball cap) and Fox Island Joe in the red.
Joe brought his own posse

Tu Young, Rotten Rich, Fox Island Joe, Ned Putnam
           Rowdy Rich, Annabelle Bransford, NY State Champions, showed up and gave instructions.      
          Bog Water Mary helped run the show    

Catskill Bob getting ready to time Fox Island Joe

Some of the trargets

Judge Zaney Gray had a hard time keeping his hands off the Dosta Kid when he was dressed up to shoot.
       Talk about lots of toys! You need two handguns, one rifle and one shotgun to play the game and it helps to have something to carry all those guns and ammo around with.  

Dosta Kid missing
Rotten Rich shooting handgun and shotgun
         Roudy Bill went over all of the safety rules and showed every one how it was done.  

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