Shawangunk Fish and Game Association, Inc.
3rd Annual

August 16-18, 2002

Everyone had a good time at this years event. booth
Bucket raffle.  
Bucket raffle.
I had a small booth.
Sunday was the time for 28 shooting points for the archers.  It was about a 2 hour treck.
Over the bridge to  the archery trail.
The Bait Bucket
The Bait Bucket had a big set up.
The three Amegos.
That hurts! (note 3 arrows)
Handing out the Chicken  
The ladies can shoot to.
The chicken cooker.

You had your pick or 4 wheelers or snowmobiles.


Wheels and tracks.  
The line was long but they never ran out of chicken.
The chicken waiting line.      
Barrel shooting.
They had a 5 stage 30 round timed event.  The best I could do was 28 out of 30 but it was still good enough for 4th place in iron sites.
Kid Shooting a single action bolt 22.
The ladies shoot. Me shooting.
They had a 22 course set up for both adults and kids.    
Two fish.    
Dante got all of the brass.
True-Life Taxidermy
Several Taxidermist had big displays   True-Life Taxidermy, Middletown, NY
Cute Bear?
Is this face cute?
Dante ran the line.
Was it as good for you?
Shotgun Range
The shotgun line was open.

Other vendors had spaces.

OCFSC table
The Orange County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, Inc., had a table and were selling tickets to the gun raffle.


Special thanks to:

Tom Plocharczyk was in charge, Don Sutton was the co-chair and both did a great job.    Others who did a great job were:
Walt N., Steve S., Bob W., Dawn and Chris S..

Carl S. and Jeff M. did the bow stuff and Dante did the shooting stuff.  Danny and Mike did the trap and Sam from the Orange County Trappers did the kids fishing.  Bill G. did the 22 Cal. rifle range.

Thanks for all of the others who helped and who attended.