Aug. 15 & 16, 2003

  The only thing that many of the kids
wanted to do was to fish.
Boy with worm
Boy with worm
Guess who won the "Smallest Fish" contest. The winning fish, full size.
You could take fly fishing lessons
The Orange County Sheriff's Department's K-9 unit put on a nice show

Dog eats man.
Giving out the prizes to the kids in the fishing contest.
They had a Black Powder Demo.
Some of the best shooters in Orange County were on hand to help the Junior shooters.
The Chicken dinner was great and enough for two.
It takes a lot of people to who are willing to spend a lot of their time to make an event such as this run as well as this one.
These are some of the few that helped.
Several companies and groups had tables.
The Orange County Federation had a table and sold tickets to their October Dinner and the Gun-A-Day for June '04 and had the top prize, a Verona LX680 O/U
The Orange County Trappers
Snowcat Country had a big display.
  SCOPE sold shirts and memberships
Stove Plus had some nice boats and other stuff on display.
Brent from Catskill Taxidermy had a nice display.