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Pataki Visiting Rochester,  Wednesday, June 27, 2001
 Gun owners here's your chance to show the governor how you how you feel!!!
 Governor Pataki will be attending a $5000 a plate fundraiser at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.
    Attending a Fathers Day picnic in Dutchess County the Governor was met by throngs of gun owners protesting his visit to Dutchess County. Let's keep the momentum going and greet the governor with another large and enthusiastic crowd in Downtown Rochester.
     The Convention Center is located at 123 East Main St. at the corner of South Ave. in downtown Rochester. We will be gathering at the South Ave. side of the Convention Center between 4:00 and 4:15 PM on Wednesday, June 27, 2001.
Bring your family and friends, pass the word, there will be no speeches just a show of numbers.  Numbers are important!!!
Please no camo, no firearms. Signs will be available.
Questions call: Tim Andrews, 352-8196 or Ken Mathison, 865-5055.
 SCOPE, INC. http://www.SCOPEny.org
      PLEASE ATTEND and please let all gun owner friends know about this. A strong showing will send a message, but a weak one will show our lack of support.
We do not do this often, so please support this effort.

Prepare to Rally Against the United Nations
        TRT United Nations Protest Rally Saturday July 14th 12 noon to 4pm (or until we have had enough
fun)  Dag Hammarskjold Plaza   E 47 St, 1 To 2 Aves. NY,NY
United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small
Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects
New York, 9-20 July 2001
Small Arms Destruction Day
(YES, the UN wants to take away all guns from all citizens in the whole world!)
    As the United Nations gather to attempt to enact their vision for an unarmed and enslaved world we will gather as Americans have always gathered to face a threat to her safety.  For many years the U.N has been working to disassemble the soul of every free nation, Sovereignty. Now they assemble to remove the one thing, which we, as Americans possess, which guarantees our Liberty, our Second Amendment - our civil rights.
Live musical entertainment will be graciously provided by Pokerface !
Speakers as of this moment will include and are in NO particular order!
Tom Chandler and Phil Longden  TRT-NY
Robert Teesdale National Director  TRT-CO
Louis Wein New York State Constitution Party
Scott Jeffrey Representing the NY Libertarian Party
Rick Mase TRT-PA and Father of a Gun control victim
Dave Dilegge Representing ConservaVets and America's Voices
Maria Heil National Spokesperson for the Second Amendment Sisters
Rodi Bestider SAS member with a fresh perspective of America’s freedoms
                        coming from a communist blocstate.
A few others are pending.
Signs should not only contain our RKBA rights but all our rights, which the U.N holds in contempt.
Flags should include Old Glory/Betsy Ross, POW/MIA, Gadsden and Culpepper!
For directions please got to http://www.trt-ny.org/trtun.html
A few good Patriots from the NY Capital District are organizing a bus with possible stops if the
interest is there along the NYS Thruway. If interested please email us.  Also keep an eye on
FreeRepublic.com for other bus rides being organized.
We still have lots of empty seats on the bus for the NYC, TRT Rally.
Come along with us, for a "Historical Event", and defend our Second Amendment Rights. Let's show the United Nations what real Americans are made of. Contact us and reserve a seat on the bus. Cost is $20 round trip. We can't make it any easier than this. It's up to you!
www.sasnewyork.com  ny_coord@2asisters.org    Toll Free 877-525-2470

Second Amendment Sisters, NY, Geneice Hovak, PO Box 13986, Albany, NY 12212-0986

Mandatory storage passes Assembly
     Mandatory storage proposal A-5363-B has been passed in the Assembly with 31 Assembly Members voting against the bill.    All of the Orange County representatives voted against the bill except Cahill who was ER.  The  Senate companion S-728, is sponsored by Assembly Roy Goodman, (R-L 26th)  who is famous for his bill every year to ban all handguns.  The gun bills that passed in 2000 were passed in the hope of saving several Republican seats and Goodman is one of those that saved by only a few votes, 200 to be exact, (63,731 vs 63,531.)
     I do not think that this bill will pass the Senate.  This session will end on June 20th and unless Gov. Mario Pataki introduces some bills in the last days I do not think anything will pass however under new rules passed last year,  all outstanding bills will remain.
My comment:  CLICK HERE TO SEE A-5363-B
  So if you have a gun locked up but do not have the ammo locked up in a "STORED  IN A SEPARATE, SECURELY LOCKED BOX"  it is still a loaded firearm.  It does not contain a "self-defense" clause so if you 12 year old daughter gets a gun and shoots and kills someone trying to break in and rape her you can still be charged.
(Please note that Assemblywoman CARROZZA is a sponsor of this bill just like she is a sponsor of "S3353/A6777 to further reduce where you can have a legal gun" from last month.


The Firearms Coalition Alerts Log, (http://www.nealknox.com/alerts/  )


"Picnic with Pataki"Pataki and crew
    The Orange County Republican Committee and Friends of Pataki held a  "Picnic with Pataki," on Saturday, June 16th 2001 at Bear Mountain State Park.  For $25 you bought access to Gov. Mario Pataki.  Orange County Republican Chairman, John S. Hicks and Rockland County Republican Chairman, Vincent Reda were the host.  It was not a very big crowd and we had more than enough room in a covered picnic area just below the Bear Mt. Inn.  They had hamburgers, hot dogs, (and something else that I forgot,) with all the fixing.  Not a very big spread but about what I expected.  Pataki showed up on time and seemed to be in a very good mood.  Among the others there were Assemblywoman Calhoun, Sen. Morahan, HR Ben Gilman and other various local politicians.
    Gov. Mario Pataki was applauded as he came into the area and shook hands, kissed ladies, smiled and had his picture taken with everyone as he came down the line about 50 feet long and 2 or 3 people deep on both sides.  I was at the end when he was running out of people to shake hands with.  I shook his hand and told him that I was representing the gun owners of Orange County and that we were really disappointed that he went to the Million Mom March and some of the gun laws that he was supporting.  That people were being effected by the laws such as Smith & Strebel in Monroe.  They had been selling guns for decades but had stopped because of the new My voter registration cardCoBIS rules.  (When I stopped by a few weeks ago all of the guns were gone.  When I asked what happened I was told that the new CoBIS, (gun DNA rules,) was the straw that broke the camels back and that they were no longer selling guns.)    The Gov. said that the law was not was not suppose to cost anything and that the new gun laws were not suppose to impact the legal gun owners.  I told him that they were impacting gun owners and that I did not know who his advisors were but I wished that he would talk to someone from the NYSRPA or other groups.  I gave him a him a current copy of the SCOPE newsletter and told him to read the article about how the CoBIS program was impacting FFLs and gun owners in NY State and I gave him a card that has my web site on it.  He told me that someone would contact me.  We will have to wait and see what happens.Pataki and Me
    I will say that the Gov. was nice and he did pay attention to what I was saying and allowed me to finish.  His security was very low key and did not try in interfere.  John Hicks seemed to be glad that I was there and was glad that I was bringing up the point and that he had brought up the point.
    What I did not have time to say or forgot was the fact that last year when the Gov. was in NY City, gun groups were in Albany on our annual March on Albany trying to get sensible gun laws passed that would reduce crime.  We were meeting with Sen. Larkin, Morahan and Bonacic and that they claimed that they had no idea that the new laws were going to be introduced.  That we were upset that he vetoed the Eddie the Eagle bill and that he should have been able to figure out some way for the bill to work.  That he should read the so called debate on the Senate floor when the bill was passed so that he can see that no one stood up to say how good the bill was but that only anti-gunners stood up to say that it was only a good first step and that we needed to do more.  (What are they afraid of, that agents from China will sneak across the Canadian boarder and set up a secret factory to make AK-47s to be sold in NY State?  Anyone who makes any type of gun in NY State without a federal and state license is illegal anyway.)  That I had called Matasow's office and they had said that any new gun law that would add additional restrictions that would limit the number of guns or gun owners they would vote for.  That we were his base and that if he thinks that the people who attend the Million Mom March are likely to vote for him than someone going to a Friends of the NRA dinner he is wrong. (Up until last years laws)
Local Republicans enjoy picnic with Pataki

Air rifles get a shot in Pine Bush
By Nathan Hegedus    The Times Herald-Record, 6/14/01 nhegedus@th-record.com
    Pine Bush – A debate about air rifles wound up revealing the character of a school community Tuesday night.  That was when the Pine Bush school board voted 6-1 to accept a donation of 10 air rifles for its Outdoor Adventure program.  Supporters dominated the crowd, emphasizing the safety benefits of firearm education in a hunting community.  "We've come from being a rural community to suburban," said Curt Schoeberl of Walker Valley.  "Many people came from the New York metropolitan area. If you own a gun there, you're a bad guy.  That's not the way it is here. We shouldn't change our thinking because they have different thoughts."
    Board member Roseanne Sullivan said a shooting program sends mixed messages in an age of perceived school violence.  "That is the essence of what tears this district apart," she said. "We have to overlook who's been hunting in Pine Bush for 40 years. We have a  growing, changing personality. Just because it's been done before doesn't mean it's right."   Sullivan had few supporters Tuesday, though the donation has come under fire at other board meetings and on a community Web site.  "Whole families don't believe guns are right," said parent Joanne Burns of Bullville. "Some don't even allow their children to own squirt guns."
    From 180 to 200 juniors and seniors take the Outdoor Adventure elective each year, said athletic director Harold Fried.  The program's focus is on cooperative games and challenges, like scaling a 10-foot wall. Kids also go fly-fishing, skiing and mountain biking, among other field trips.  Air rifles were introduced this year.
    Pine Bush isn't alone. Both Minisink Valley and Middletown high schools have shooting teams, a direction Fried hopes to take Pine Bush.  A handful of kids refused to shoot this year; they neither lost credit nor peer respect, he said. The shooting unit lasts about two weeks.
   The donation came from the Orange County Federation of Sportsmen and the Orange County Trappers. The state DEC provided rifles this year.  Most board members had no qualms about the rifles' place in a district stretching from rural back roads to dense suburbia.  "We do have a history as a hunting community," said Michael Sellet. "I would rather have the children learning (about guns) in a safe environment, not on cartoons."
    This is a good article by the T H-R, I wish that they could have included pictures.  I just want to make sure that everyone knows how much work was done and is being done by members of the Orange County Federation and the Orange County Trappers.  I hope that you will spend a few moments to visit their web site and to send them a thank you e-mail.

Orange County might get new Judge
    Six Orange County Judges issue pistol licenses and each one has their own slight difference in what they want from an applicant when they issue a pistol license under PL 400.  Each has their own idea of  what requirements you have to meet to be issued an unrestricted license or even if they will issue an unrestricted license.  The Judges do have a very heavy work load and have wanted an additional Judge for several years.  A bill  has been approved in the NY Senate that will add an additional Family Court Judge who will also help out on the criminal side.  The $125 K+ position still needs to pass the Assembly and the money needs to be found in the budget.  We will have to wait and see if the new Judge will also issue pistol licenses.  Sen. Larkin's office said that the bill number is S2383 and A5375 in the Assembly.  If this bill passes the Judge will be elected in November and take office on Jan. 1, 2002.  If the budget is not passed or this is delayed these dates will have to change.

New Orange County SCOPE Chapter
    A new chapter of SCOPE is being formed in Orange County. SCOPE or  The Shooter's Committee On Political Education is a state wide organization that has several county chapters and is very active in defending our 2nd Amendment rights.  If you want to join a local group to do your part then this is it.  They have had one meeting and will be meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  The point of contact is Michael R. Kubowt at 496-1183 or CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL HIM AT wileec@frontiernet.net

WALL ends Larry Hughes talk show.
    My name got included in the T H-R under a column by Oliver Mackson on June 1st. whose article is totally wrong as far as I am concerned.  Larry was a nice guy but he was not very balanced in some of the things that he did.  I do not think that he was as sensitive to the needs of the radio business as he needed to be to grow an audience.  I talked to the someone at the radio station and while they said that ratings did not matter I am sure that if he had better ratings they would have held on for a while longer.  As it was, the radio station did give the show the time it needed to get the audience that was required.  The big problem is that the station is all sports and it is hard for them to have a non-sports AM unless the show is really outstanding.  You can not reach that level unless everything falls into place 100% and while Larry's show was good it just could not reach that level.  Not to say that all of it was was Larry's fault.  I would say that as much of the problem is the fact that the people that live in the area failed to call in or appreciate having a program like Larry had.  Too many of the people in the area just do not care what happens and many of those who do care do not have any idea of how the political or legal system works.  (It is liberal NY.)  They think that only feelings matter and reason is something that not needed.  To some history does not matter, they only think that what matters is how we "feel" today and what we should do to make "us feel better" without having to do anything ourselves or solving some of the problems that we face but that is nothing new.
    Balanced:  When Foust would call in and complain that no budget had been passed and say something like, "what are we paying them for, if they do not pass it we should kick them all out of office."  At some point Larry should have asked Foust, "How do you propose that someone from Orange County vote Sheldon Silver out of office and why should we vote someone from Orange County who is working to get a budget passed out of office?"
    Phll Perry will still be doing some news work part time for the station and for other stations and newspapers.  Good luck to him for he is someone who does care and really tries to be balanced.
    WALL is not closed to the idea of having a talk AM but for now they have nothing else planned.  I guess that the radio station thought that their was not much to talk about in the AM with Clinton out of office.


A call to arms for all Nassau County gun owners
Dear Fellow Gun Owners:
Recently, Nassau County has fallen into the deep dark well of politically  correct leadership.  As an NRA Election Coordinator and a resident of Nassau  County, I feel it is time we organize our efforts to make sure our concerns  are heard by newly elected officials.  In light of the unfair pistol license  fee increase(s) and other new laws that are based more on public perception  than fact, it is time for us to meet and discuss our very needed involvement in local affairs.
    Our first grassroots meeting will be held at the American Legion in Rockville Centre on July 18 (Wednesday) at 8 PM -10:30 PM.  A number of local candidates for the Nov. 2001 local elections will be invited.  However, our main reason for meeting is to discuss our place in local politics and what new methods are open to us as concerned citizens. All concerned citizens are invited!!
                            Sincerely, Tony Giammarino
   The American Legion (Post 303) is located at 197 Maple Street, just one block north of Sunrise Highway that runs parallel to Sunrise Hwy, TURN north onto N. FOREST AVE (Denato's Restaurant on corner) and TURN RIGHT onto MAPLE AVE. by traffic light. Go 1/2 block, American Legion will be on the North side of the street.
For information Call Tony Giammarino @ 516-599-3708

NY City Mayor's race, Bloomberg's position
 I had a short meeting with Mike Bloomberg (R) running for Mayor of the City of New York. We met at the Colinade Diner in Staten Island, New York.  His position on lawful gun ownership is that he "supports gun control because in New York City, how can I take any other position".   He wishes to further discuss the issue in order to ascertain if there is any possibly in number of voters who opposes this, otherwise it appears there is no need for any guns in the city of New York. I hate to say what his Democratic Party opponents have to say on this issue ...
     I say this, if gun owners do not get involved in the political process, associate themselves with citizen groups who may sympathize with us, I assure you ... In the very near future ... Kiss your guns and gun clubs goodbye! New York State will lay the future groundwork for any political campaign in the country.
     I have been in this movement since the age of 13, I'm nearing 45 ... WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

 Ralph J. Rubinek

Assembly Announces Gun Violence Prevention Bills
From Assembly Action Highlights The Week Ending June 15, 2001
    The Assembly announced a comprehensive package of legislation designed to protect New Yorkers from gun violence.
    "These are common sense measures that will help to reduce gun violence by keeping weapons out of he wrong hands and off the streets of our communities," said Silver. "This legislative package represents another phase in our ongoing effort to protect the people of our state from the terrible tragedies of gun violence."
    The package includes legislation that would suspend gun licenses for individuals found under the influence of alcohol or drugs while possessing a loaded gun in public or in a motor vehicle (A.854,Lentol); permanently deny a gun license to anyone convicted of a violent felony (A.315,Kaufman) and ban the sale of handguns, unless they are designed to be inoperative by very young children (A.2666, Steven Englebright).
    In addition, other Assembly gun violence prevention bills include measures that would ban the sale, possession and use of .50 caliber combat sniper weapons (A.1534,Matusow), ban the possession and use of real guns that are designed to look like toy guns (A.833, Lentol) and institute a process that could lead to a ban on "Saturday Night Specials" and other "junk guns" in New York State (A.1202,Koon). Last week, the Assembly approved the Children's Weapon Accident Prevention Act (A.5363B,Weisenberg), which requires the safe storage of firearms.
BILL #    DATE    YES    NO    ER    COMMENT
A845    6/11/01    143      1        6        Alcohol/drugs and guns do not mix.
A833    6/11/01    145                5        I had no idea that this was a problem or that it had ever been done.
A5363   6/6/01     110      30      10      Lock up your  unloaded gun and you still could be charged for having
                                                             an unlocked loaded gun.

"Best Range Management Practices Seminar - Troy, NY" Report
 Fri, 22 Jun 2001 by Frank Carbone Jr.
    I attended the "Best Range Management Practices Seminar", in Troy New York, last night and I feel that I must applaud and give Kudos with High Honors to:
Ray Carney, High Power Director of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association(NYSRPA);
Tom King, Pres. NYSRPA;
Richard Patterson of the National Shooting Sports Foundation;
George Meyer, Chief, RCRA Compliance Branch, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);
Ed Guster, USEPA;
Ms. Brenda Gregory and the Staff of NYSRPA
Jack Giordano, National Rifle Association (NRA), Range Technical Team, NE Reg. Supervisor
    All of the previously mentioned folks must be commended for the work that they did in making this seminar a success, and also for taking the initiative and presenting this important information to the representatives of NYS Gun Club Communities. The turnout was great and I'm not sure if they could have fit many more folks into the banquet room of the Best Western Motel of Troy. I believe that they even ran out of certain hand-out materials.
    This seminar was well planned and presented in a manner that was very interesting and easy to understand. I understand that NYRPA may be making this great seminar available to other regions of NYS. If you see it announced please be sure to attend.
    I think that Ray Carney "hit the 20 penny nail on the head" when he asked the attendees (paraphrased) "How many of the guys back at your club would be surprised to hear that you were meeting with the EPA to understand and implement "Best Range Management Practices."
    I totally support what Ray and the NYSRPA are doing in this initiative. It is well known that hunters, fisherfolks and trappers have been long known as true conservationists. And gun-owners certainly have made it known that we are faithful defenders of our Constitution and Civil Rights. We are all definitely concerned about our contaminated waterways, fish and wildlife. So I think that it is only natural that we as gunowners now embrace this [NYSRPA] initiative, and to be a part of a proactive approach. We are making sure that our ranges are in compliance with this voluntary initiative and proving that we do care about our environment. I see many positive results coming back to us - as a good return of our investments to this invaluable program.  Without revealing all of the positive aspects of this seminar - you should personally attend.   One of the important steps, that was emphasized last night, is that your club believes in the "good neighbor policy" and
becomes a positive part of the overall community - this can only result in positive effects to your club or group.

SCOPE protest KING PATAKI in Dutchess County
the lineDave Warshaw of Dutchess County (left) and Tom Chandler of Albany County, respective SCOPE County Chairs with supporters On the SCOPE Signs
A report by . . . . Frank Carbone Jr.
    Dave Warshaw, Dutchess SCOPE Chair, put the message and request out last week. Asking for SCOPE members and supporters to attend a Dutchess SCOPE Rally and Protest of Pataki, who was scheduled to visit a Dutchess County Park on Sunday, June 17th. The protest was well planned and the response was great. I was very pleased to see folks from upstate and the Albany area as well as many others for this good turnout. I'll leave the numbers to Dave but it looked like we couple with childcovered about 300 yards of the right side of the road with a steady line of folks.
    The gov's. entourage finally came through at 3:35 PM with several black vehicles with dark tinted glass. With the way that everything fell into place on Father's Day I'm sure that many, if not all of the folks who attended today's Rally/Protest will most likely come to the next Rally/Protest - I know that I'll be there.
    My buddy Dennis Reistad, VP of one OC Gun Club and I walked up and down the entire line of  "pro-civil rights" activists and we saw many familiar faces. I saw an enthusiastic crowd today - it certainly felt good to be there with kindred spirits. I heard reports that the folks at the picnic area were talking about the hundreds of people who were lining the roads. Many of the folks who attended the picnic had to pass by our folks along the road.
    Great job Dave, Dutchess Co. SCOPE and the others who traveled so far to participate in this special Father's Day Event. This was a Great Father's Day Memorial to give Our Forefathers who fought so hard and gave so much for the Freedoms that we cherish and enjoy so much today.
    Isn't it ironic that the name of the Park where Pataki was headed was called "Freedom Park."

NY Senate starts web cast
    The NYS Senate will begin Web Casts on Wednesday May 30th at 11 AM. You can find it at:   http://www.senate.state.ny.us/
or just go to my LINKS page and look for NY Senate under the NY State banner.
    The Assembly will start soon.


Gun Control Group Renamed to Honor Bradys
    Handgun Control wants to have a softer name that pulls at the heart so they have renamed their group.  Different name same goal.
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - For years, people have described Handgun Control Inc. as "Jim and Sarah Brady's group" and on Thursday the leading U.S. gun control body made the link official by renaming itself after the crusading couple.
    Now called the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, it will honor the Bradys at a gala event on Thursday night at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington D.C., named after the president for whom Jim Brady worked as press secretary until he was shot on March 30, 1981.
    The Bradys crusade began after Jim Brady was critically wounded by a .22 caliber bullet that hit him in the forehead during an assassination attempt on Reagan outside the Washington Hilton.
    In a country where more than 30,000 people die every year from gun-related injuries, Brady and his wife Sarah, who is being treated for lung cancer, have become America's best known advocates for stricter gun laws.
    "The reason for renaming the organization can be summed up in three words. Jim and Sarah," Michael Barnes, president of the newly named group, told a news conference.
    Barnes also heads the group's educational arm, which is being renamed the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Supreme Court rules on use of thermal imaging device.
  In KYLLO v. UNITED STATES, the Supreme Court ruled that:
Where, as here, the Government uses a device that is not in general public use, to explore details of a private home that would previously have been unknowable without physical intrusion, the surveillance is a Fourth Amendment “search,” and is presumptively unreasonable without a warrant. Pp. 3–13.
    Kyllo had been growing pot plants in his house using high-intensity lamps.  The police looked at the house with a thermal imaging device and saw that part of the house was very hot.  That information along with other information was given to a Judge and the Judge issued a SEARCH WARRANT.  The Supreme Court ruled the use of the thermal imaging device was an illegal search and that the information about the heat from the house could not be used to secure a warrant.  It returned the case to a lower court to have the decide if the warrant would have been issued even without the information from the thermal imaging device.

  See KYLLO v. UNITED STATES, No. 99–8508. Argued February 20, 2001—Decided June 11, 2001
  SEE Weapon-scanner raises constitutional concern from May newsletter

E-Instant Check to be started
    Starting this month the feds are going to allow selected FFL's to use a computer to do the required NICS check.  Over the next few months more FFLs will be added so that they hope that by the end of the year all FFLs will be able to do the check using the computer.  The feds say that you will be able to get a reply in 45 seconds.  The phone line will still be used for those without a computer and in case the computer lines go down.

"FFL eZ Check"
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) announces the launching of "FFL eZ Check" -- an online Federal firearms license (FFL) authenticator web site at  www.atf.treas.gov.  Online "FFL eZ Check" was created to aid the firearms industry in preventing the fraudulent use of their licenses by individuals who alter copies of licenses to illegally acquire and supply firearms to criminals and youth.   "FFL eZ Check" allows a Federal Firearms Licensee who has a copy of an FFL to verify or authenticate the license PRIOR TO shipping or disposing of a firearm(s) to the licensee. The web site will verify the information shown on the license.

Democrats to take over control of Senate
    The Democrats could not take over the Senate buy winning an election so they did it by bribing a turncoat liberal Republican whose main reason for becoming a so called "Independent" is that George Bush won.  Just think how much safer we will be with Sen. UpChuck Schumer in charge of the  Immigration and Courts subcommittee.  That means he will be looking at all of the judicial appointments.  I wonder if he is going to have a 2nd Amendment test of all judges.  Just remember that all committees and subcommittees will be headed by anti-gunners.  Watch it live on C-SPAN 2 on the LINKS page.

CLICK HERE TO READ Gun-Grabbing Democrats Now Control Senate BY TANYA METAKSA

 Times Herald-Record