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2002 FEB. 
Orange County Federation to Aid WTC Victims
Federation "Gun-A-Day" ticket sales going well.
Report suggest charging Pistol License applicants $, Orange County Legislature studies splitting power of Sheriff's Department, Dems "blueprint" would abolish Sheriff's Office
March on Albany Report
Orange County Pistol League ends with Pleasantville win by 3 points out of 26,560 total
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Letter to the TH-R editor, Pools more dangerous than guns. by Byers O. Servic Armed & famous, Famous guns used in films and movies and other famous guns
Bigger receives endorsements Mich - Gun permits surge, but not violence
NY bear hunters enjoyed successful 2001 seasons Women with firearms help make America safer.
Sara Brady's chat room at ABC.com  
Orange County Federation to Aid WTC Victims
    T H-R, 2/27/02, Monroe, Sportsmen's group to aid WTC victims.  Tin-can-shaking Orange County sports enthusiasts have raised about $12,000 since Sept. 11 for local victims of the attacks in New York City, and are now looking to distribute the money.  The money will be disbursed through a grant that only surviving family and victims of the Sept. 11th disaster are eligible for.  The Orange County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs Inc., who sponsored the fund, will then appoint a grant committee to divide the money.
     "When divided among the applicants, the approximately $12,000 raised ... may not make a change in anyone's life, but it's a very real attempt to show that Orange County takes care of its own," said Federation President Carmen Heitczman.  "We just felt we wanted to help the people of Orange County."
     The Federation - a nonprofit collaboration of 27 hunting and sport clubs - began the fund only two days after terrorist attacks destroyed the World Trade Center.  About 6,500 Federation members shook tin cans and solicited donations at locations throughout the county.  Monroe Deli and Bagels matched more than $1,000 in can donations, Heitczman said, and many other local businesses contributed.  A 6-year-old girl raised more than $50 for the fund by selling handmade paper flags, and a local mother's pie sale brought in another $700.
     The Federation used its own money to handle overhead cost to ensure all donations go to the victims.
     "Every penny we collected is in that account," Heitczman said.  To donate to the fund or get a preliminary grant application, call the Federation at 782-7449.
Federation"Gun-A-Day" ticket sales going well.
     Sales for the "Gun-A-Day" for the month of June are going better than expected.  At this rate it is possible that most of the tickets will be gone in the next few weeks.  This is the major fund raiser for the Federation and it is a good change to win a gun over a 30 day period.  All of the money raised supports the Federation and member clubs in Orange County.  Help the cause and contact me for tickets at: ocs@hvc.rr.com or contact the Federation at: info@ocfsc.org

Report suggest charging Pistol License applicants
Orange County Legislature studies splitting power of Sheriff's Department
Dems "blueprint" would abolish Sheriff's Office.

     Things are going from bad to worse.  The Sheriff's Department has had some major problems and last June the 91 page Holland Knight report was issued. The report Summary, (from the TH-R,)contained the following section:
"The OCSD Identification Unit's ("IDU") primary responsibility is the processing of pistol permit applications for Orange County residents, a service which is currently provided free of charge. A modest fee should be imposed for the issuance and amendments of these permits. (Section VII)"
     If you go to SECTION VII you will find that they want to charge $25 for a initial Pistol Application and $10 for an amendment.
      The Orange County Legislature in it's March 7th meeting voted to see if it would be better if County Jail was run by someone other than the Sheriff's Department and to study if they should do away with the Sheriff's Department and have some type of "public safety commissioner" probably appointed by the County Executive rather than elected.
     Not to be left out, the Dems have decided that to do away with the Sheriff's Department and replace it with a "Department of Corrections and a Commissioner of Public Safety"
     You can count on gun owners and new applicants being screwed over if this happens.  Without a person who is elected we will be ignored.  Everyone is going to have to get in touch with their legislature.

March on Albany Report

     Everyone had a great time on our trip to Albany.  This year we were able to meet with all of the members of both the Senate and the Assembly.  One of our major concern was Gov. Mario Patakie's initiative and referendum proposal. Many of the local representatives support the proposal but most say that they do not thank that it will pass.  (That is what they said about the gun control laws that Gov. P had passed.)  Several were surprised to find out that in some states initiative and referendum have been used to prohibit certain types of hunting or trapping.  (See report below.)  Also important was our support of the increased in the hunting and fishing license fees.
      While we hate to see any fees increase, we want the DEC to provide services that they have had to cut back because of lack of funding.  It is important that the DEC be able to fund the studies, biologist and enforcement officers that are required.  It is also very important that the sports community fund the programs so that the money does not come from the general fund.  If we depend on the general fund then at some point those who want to end hunting and fishing will want to have more of a say in how our programs are run.
      Among other topics that were covered were: Making use of an area of land next to Sterling Forest that is bounded by the NY Thruway that is controlled by PIP; the failure of the CoBIS, (gun DNA,) program to solve one crime with the Gov. planning to spend $4 Million in the next budget on it; the lack of uniform rules related to issuing handgun licenses and the fact that handgun licenses issued throughout the state are not valid in New York City and other proposed laws.

Sen Larkin and Morahan going over bills   Kirwan 96th Dist.  Nancy Calhoun 94th Dist.  Jacob E. Gunther 98th Dist.Some of the people who went. The long walk to the van. Food and talk on the Thruway

Orange County Pistol League ends with Pleasantville win by 3 points out of 26,560 total

     In what has to be the closest race in the history of the Orange County Pistol League, Pleasantville won by a 3 point lead scoring 26,560 points Vs Middletown Platinum score of 26,557 after 13 events.  Richard B. won high score with average of 578.17; Duane F. was 2nd with 569.67; John P. was 3rd with 569.17; and Denis Serpi was 4th with 568.27.  Everyone had a good time and thanks to Denis Serpi owner of Master Class for hosting the events.  58 people from 7 clubs shot this year.  Anyone who wants to shoot in the league that starts in October of each year and runs through March can contact Master Class. You can use any 22 Cal. handgun and you shoot 60 rounds at each of the 13 shoots.  The format is the NRA Gallery Course with 20 shots slow fire, (2 strings of 10 shots with 10 minuets for each string,) 20 shots Timed Fire, (4 strings of 5 rounds each with 20 seconds for each string,) 20 rounds Rapid Fire, (4 strings of 5 rounds each with 10 seconds for each string.)  It takes about 1 hour to shoot and score each event.   It is very easy to shoot and shooters of all levels are welcome and if you have never shot in a league, Denis Serpi will be more than willing to give you some pointers.  Denis normally holds some practice sessions during the off season for those who want to practice.

Thanks to Denis
X count
Middletown Platinum
Master Class
Monroe Chester
Middletown Gold
Black Rock
Westchester's license fee raise defeated. 2/28/02     Westchester's County Executive Andy Spano's proposal to raise pistol license fees from $10 to several hundred was killed in committee. From: Jacob J. Rieper, Legislative Director, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association  (For now? Anyone want to take bets this magically reappears at some point?)

NY State Rifle& Pistol Association starts RPA-PAC

Press Release from the NYSRPA
     We are pleased to announce that there is a new Political Action Committee in New York State -- RPA-PAC -- the official Political Action Committee of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.
     While there are many pro-Second Amendment rights groups in New York State, most if not all cannot engage in substantial political activism or candidate support because of restrictions imposed by state election laws and federal tax and election laws. RPA-PAC is different, and with your support, RPA-PAC will weigh in decisively to affect the outcome of state and local elections. Associated with the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association but organized separately from it, RPA-PAC is a registered political committee under Article 14 of the Election Law of New York State, and it is exempt from paying taxes on the funds it raises in accordance with section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code respecting authorized political committee activities (as with all political committees and rights groups, donations are not deductible to contributors).
      RPA-PAC is raising funds to support the candidacies of those who will defend and promote our rights in state and local elected office (RPA-PAC is not engaged in federal elections, a field that involves a thicket of federal regulations and which is already served by NRA's Institute for Legislative Action and Political Victory Committee). RPA-PAC gives New York gun owners the ability to pool their resources and contribute to campaigns in ways that will make people take notice. Our friends in elected office will have newfound appreciation and our enemies, newfound fear.
      Make a difference in New York primary and general elections this year. Support RPA-PAC as generously as you can, now. In the future we expect to be able to accept donations by Mastercard and Visa. As we get started, donations can be accepted by personal check and must be accompanied by the name, address and occupation of the contributor (we are legally obliged to return donations that do not include that information).

Send your check, payable to "RPA-PAC" to:
c/o Patrick W. Brophy, Treasurer
534 E. 85th St. #3-G
New York, N.Y. 10028-7450

UPDATE 3/27/02

Assembly passes 1000' discharge law.
     Assembly bill A-834 passed the Assembly yesterday. The bill prohibits the discharge of a firearm or long bow within 1000 feet of a school or school playground; increases the distance which hunters may hunt near schools from 500 feet to 1,000 feet.
      No action on the Senate companion S-980.
  From Jacob J. Rieper, Legislative Director, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association


     From the Gov. Mario Patakie's press release, selected sections: "This initiative and referendum proposal is a cornerstone of our effort to ensure that the voices of all the people of New York are heard," Governor Pataki said. "This fundamental reform will empower all New Yorkers by enabling them to become an integral part of the lawmaking process and giving them the power to propose and approve new laws.
      "By reforming the democratic process, we renew our allegiance to the sacred principle that all power ultimately rests in the hands of the people," the Governor said. "This constitutional amendment would bring about fundamental change in Albany, and reflects our ongoing effort to consistently strengthen, renew and reform our State government."
      The Governor's sweeping proposal would amend the State Constitution to allow for direct initiative and referendum, whereby measures are placed on the ballot at the November general election for a popular vote after a certain number of signatures are collected. Under the proposal, signatures from five percent of the total voters statewide in the last gubernatorial election (approximately 250,000) would be required. To ensure that a measure has a broad base of statewide support, these signatures would be required to include at least 5,000 signatures of residents from at least three-fifths of the State's congressional districts.
      The Governor's bill also allows for initiative and referendum at the county, city, town or village level. To propose any measure at the local level, signatures from at least five percent of the residents in the municipality who voted in the last gubernatorial election would be required. A measure would become law if it receives the approval of the majority of voters within the municipality.
      Any amendment to the State Constitution, such as the one the Governor is proposing today, must be approved by two separately elected Legislatures and thereafter by a majority of the voters of the State.

3/5 of the 62 counties is 38 counties
What do you think of this? Please click here to e-mail me.

Killer of Priest and parishioner got gun legally.

     On March 12th, deranged loner Peter Troy shot and killed Pastor Lawrence Penzes and parishioner Eileen Tosner during Mass at Our Lady of Peace church in Lynbrook, L.I..  Troy had bought the firearm just 4 days before at a local gun store and had gotten a good NICS check even though he had a background of mental illness and had 3 arrest in the last few years.  Why?  Because NY State fails to provide the vital information to the FBI.  I guess that he did no have to go to a gun show or even buy the gun through a private sale or even illegally when he has NY State covering for him.

     It is ironic that the gun store where he bought the gun does support some gun control laws.  Michael Britt quotes from an article dated 7/17/1998:
     About the Federal Assault Weapons ban:   "Let me tell you, first of all, these guns have absolutely no sport value whatsoever. You can't hunt with them. They are designed specifically for military application. No real marksman or hunter sees any value in them.  "Again, these weapons, by and large, are inferior in quality. So we have a glut of foreign weapons on the market which are generally unfit for any legitimate use, to the detriment of quality, American-based brands such as Winchester, Colt and Smith & Wesson.  "To me, for President Clinton and Congress to have banned the entry of these guns into the country is a beautiful thing. It's good for American society, it's good for the American arms business -- where everything produced for sale to civilians has a legitimate civilian purpose -- and therefore, it's also good for employment."
    NY gun laws: "We have an enormous number of gun laws in America. Quite a few, such as ours in New York, are basically good."
      Nassau Police: "It is my opinion that the Nassau County Police Department's pistol license section consists of very fair, very professional and knowledgeable people who check out pistol permit applicants thoroughly, and, should they find reason not to issue a permit, they don't issue one.     "And they really emphasize the need to safeguard guns. Applicants are actually required to state in writing that they understand their duty to keep handguns away from children. It's not just a suggestion by the Police Department; they make very clear that failing to keep guns away from children can have serious legal consequences for the gun owner. And that's been the rule in Nassau County for many years; I believe, as long as I've been in the business."

Minority Leader Faso to retire

     Assembly Minority Leader John Faso will retire from the Assembly on April 8 to begin a full-time run for Comptroller. Assemblymen Charles Nesbitt and John Flanagan are contenders for his position.
From Jacob J. Rieper, Legislative Director, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

CoBIS update

     Because Gov. Mario Pataki's new budget contains $4,000,000 for the CoBIS, (gun DNA,) program I decided to call and find out how many crimes have been solved after the March 1st one year anniversary of this program. The answer is 0.  I talked to the NY State Police and they said that the FBI gun sale to crime average is 3 years.  Why that would matter I can not figure out because some sales to crime only take a day while other are over 20 years. (Any gun without a serial number because of criminal tampering or the guns that were made before serial numbers were required are not included also some guns are just never submitted to the FBI for checks.)  Also important is the fact that 80% to 90% of the guns used in a crime in NY are not legally imported into the state and so would not be in the data base.
     If any program was an example of feel good legislation that cost a lot of money and does nothing, this is it.  Recent TV news reports claim that NY City and NY State have tens of thousands of rape kits that have not been processed because of lack of money.  If that money were used, 8,000 rape kits could be process and matched against the DNA of real criminals that we have in NY.  How many rapes that included the use of a gun and murder could be solved?  Is the Gov. less concerned with women who are raped than keeping track of legal guns owned by legal gun owners?


Dell Computers upsets gun owners

     Jack Weigand is a highly respected Pennsylvania gunsmith and President of the American Pistolsmiths Guild.  He ordered a computer from DELL COMPUTERS and they canceled the order because his company had the word "COMBAT" in its name.  Dell failed to call him up to notify him that they had canceled the order and to ask him follow up questions to verify that he was complying with federal export laws designed to keep high technology from falling into the hands of terrorists and other evil doers.  Missed was the fact that he has an FFL license.
     After all of the e-mails and bad feelings I think that Dell Computers just screwed up. I think that everyone should call or e-mail them and give them a hard time not based just on this event but just the idea that they think that they can figure out who the good and bad guys are just from the name used to order the computer.  DELL should question a order to be shipped to Cuba or Iran but how can they ever tell where all of their computers go and what they are used for.  Should we start having a NICS check for anyone buying a computer just to make sure that we do not give them to bad guys?  Why not require a license that a Judge has to issue?
     Yes, DELL is listed on a HCI site but it is also listed on other pro-gun sites as a recent NRA e-mail stated.  I am not against punishing someone when they have done something wrong but I think that boycotting DELL by all gun owners is going a little too far.  If someone wants to buy a computer from someone else because of this that is fine but I would not think that someone was betraying the cause just because they bought a DELL.  If you want to be mad at others who do not feel just like you then do so but after you have sent a nice check to the new RPA-PAC.

  Those Feds in charge do not want pilots to have guns.

     It seems that paper pushers in the Federal Gov. who will make the call about pilots having guns are against it.  This will keep the majority of pilots who do want to have a gun from having one. I guess the paper pushers would rather that a fellow pilots in an F-16 shoot down a plane and KILL everyone aboard rather than admit it is a good idea even if not every pilots has a gun. Just the fact that they might will help.   The Airline Pilots Association voted 73% to have guns in the cockpit. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta said, "I don't feel that we should have lethal weapons in the cockpit."  Homeland chief Tom Ridge is also against letting pilots have guns and the news report that I saw implied that Pres. Bush feel the same way.
     I saw a debate on TV and one of the points against having a gun in a cockpit was that the pilots should be flying the plane and taking them away from their task is wrong.  What a stupid point!  What are the pilots going to be doing if someone is breaking into the cockpit if they do not have a gun?  If you had a gun in the cockpit at least one pilot could fly while the other guarded the door.  If no one has a gun and the one pilot is being overcome is the other pilot going to stay in his seat and hope or is the pilot going to put the airplane on autopilot and try to join the fight.
     CLICK HERE TO SEE: February 13: ALPA's Comments to the FAA on Arming Pilots, Plus Results of Pilot Poll in Favor of Firearms (PDF)  One of the major surprises of the report,(from page 3,)is:
   "Less-than-lethal weapons are not suited for countering hijackers and terrorists.  ALPA has previously stated support for the issuance of less-than-lethal weapons to flight deck crews, not for use against terrorists, but for subduing unruly passengers in the cabin.  However, without revealing any security sensitive information, the newly revised Common Strategy eliminates the option for pilots to use less-thatn-lethal weapons in the cabin.  Accordingly, there is no longer any need to issue less-than-lethal weapons to flight crews.
     We believe that some types of less-than-lethal weapons could be suitable for use by flight attendants in the cabin of the aircraft for subduing unruly and malevolent passengers. ...
      "One of the concerns raised about the issuance of firearms to pilots is the potential that innocent passengers may be struck by a bullet that misses its intended mark.  While the potential for such an occurrence exists, if a weapon is being used to defend the flight deck, the fact is that everyone on the aircraft is already in grave, life-threatening danger.  Our view is that proper training and weapon selection will greatly minimize this danger; we would note that all law enforcement officers face the same type of risk."

     The report is worth reading and includes the poll showing that 73% of the pilots support having guns in the cockpit and that those who know the position of the ALPA's support the idea even more.  

     "Ridge's and Mineta's opposition makes it unlikely that the Bush administration will permit guns in cockpits.... White House officials say Ridge's view reflects the thinking of President Bush, who has not commented publicly on the issue." -- USA Today, 3/4/02
     Captain Duane Woerth, who is president of ALPA, said that the Bush "Administration's preference for stun guns over firearms in the cockpit and its claims that firearms pose undue danger to the aircraft and passengers can only be attributed to naiveté or a lack of accurate information."
      There is NO WAY that putting stun guns on planes is going to serve as an effective deterrent. Captain Tracy Price is the Vice Chairman of the Airline Pilot's Security Alliance. Writing in The Washington Times on January 17, 2002, he revealed that "law-enforcement officers tell us that the taser/stun gun is useless against multiple attackers and attackers armed with guns or knives. Recovery time from being stunned is virtually instantaneous and hand-to-hand combat will then be required. Not a good idea when facing multiple armed, trained and suicidal attackers."
     ACTION: You can use the pre-written letter below to help direct your comments to President Bush; go to the GOA Legislative Action Center at http://www.gunowners.org/activism.htm to send it via e-mail. You can also call him at 202-456-1414 or fax him at 202-456-2461.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE ARTICLE


If you want to protest something protest this.


3/1/02 NEW YORK (Reuters) - The nation's largest airline pilots union filed a petition with federal officials on Friday seeking new rules that would allow pilots to carry firearms inside aircraft cockpits.  The Air Line Pilots Association which represents 64,000 pilots at 45 North American airlines, filed a formal petition with the U.S. Department of Transportation calling the arming of pilots a deterrent to hijackers. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE ARTICLE

Hand Gun Control going nuts over H&R Blocks donations to the NRA

     Hand Gun Control, (AKA Brady Campaign), has just gone nuts over H&R's deal with the NRA to give a donation to the NRA for everyone who has H&R Block do their taxes or for anyone who downloads their tax software. At the end of the tax season H&R will compare the names on its computers with the membership list of the NRA and for everyone who matches the NRA will get a fee.  (I guess that having over 4 Million members does help.)  The following is what HCI is sending out.  Make sure that you call the numbers and send the e-mails that they talk about.  (For those of you who are upset with DELL this is what it looks like.)


     H&R Block has made a deal with the devil. In a newly formed partnership, H & R Block will make a donation to the NRA every time an NRA member has his or her taxes done at H & R Block.
     H & R Block is outrageously claiming it has no agreement with the gun lobby because its money is being funneled to the NRA through Memberdrive, an independent marketing and promotion corporation. Whether H & R Block's money goes directly to the NRA or first passes through Memberdrive is irrelevant. The end result is that H & R Block is funding and furthering the NRA's leadership's reckless agenda. Therefore, H & R Block must share responsibility for the violence that results from having more guns in the hands of terrorists, criminals and children.
      As a result of the NRA's senseless opposition to even the most urgently needed gun safety measures, Americans continue to be shot and killed at an alarming rate. For example, more Americans have been killed by gun violence since September 11, 2001 than died in those terrorist attacks.
      With the help of the grassroots army of the Million Mom March united with the Brady Campaign and in partnership with Gun Industry Watch and Mid-Atlantic Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, we are going to send the message - loud and clear - to the brass at H&R Block that they must sever all ties with the NRA immediately or risk further protests and forever being known for contributing to the epidemic of gun violence in America.
      Please join us and raise your voice against H & R Block's greed and irresponsibility. Here's how you can let H & R Block know how you feel about the NRA:
- Call H & R Block Corporate Headquarters at 816-753-6900 and ask to speak with President Mark Ernst, or fax a letter to 816-753-8628. Also, call your local franchise.
- Write them a letter at H & R Block, World Headquarters, 4400 Main St., Kansas City, Missouri, 64111.
- Log on to H & R Block's web site (www.hrblock.com) to send them an email.
      Demand H&R Block take responsibility for its actions by rejecting the ridiculous claim that because all donations are being funneled through a third party marketing agreement H & R Block is not involved with the NRA. By entering into the agreement they are knowingly supporting the extremist views of the NRA and must be held accountable by responsible citizens.

Thank you for standing against gun violence!

PASS IT ALONG!  Please pass this message along to friends, family members, and colleagues so they too can take a stand for sensible gun laws.   "Thumbs up to all of you for your generous support! Together, we will build a safer America." - Jim "The BEAR" Brady

March 8, 2002

March 16

     HCI, the Million Mom March and other anti-gun groups are just going crazy that H&R Block is working with the NRA.  Now they have planned marches across the US.  It is all a publicity stunt, with almost 100% failure in all of the court cases even in California and New York State, losses in the voting booth, the election of Pres. Bush, an ever increasing number of states choosing Concealed Carry and more people buying guns after 9/11, this is about all that they can do.
      Many web sites of groups of all types have ways to support the site or the cause by using links to go to sites and order or buy something.  HCI does it now they don't want the NRA to do it.  As far as their charges of people or groups having "Blood on their Hands", it is HCI that has blood on its hands for preventing laws from passing that would help and save lives.  Many schools would have education programs in schools today teaching gun safety to kids if it was not for HCI and others objecting to programs just because the NRA was a part of it?  We could have had NICS checks at gun shows years ago if it had just been a simple rule like NY State has, (if you buy a gun at a gun show it must have a NICS check,) rather than all of the record keeping, licenses, fees and approvals that HCI requires that have more to do with cutting down the number of gun shows and making them more expensive and harder to have than keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.  Every state could have "Safe gun storage laws" if HCI would choose to punish those who do something wrong rather than making sure that every gun is locked up so that no one can have access to a gun to use it to save their life.  Children have died because of storage laws that HCI thinks should be the model of the rest of the nation.
     Just remember that the money is going to the NRA, NOT THE NRA-ILA, (that I know of.)  So the money is going for education, training and can not be used for political causes.

FROM Gun Industry Watch's web page, 3/12/02

     Due to the many e-mails, phone calls, letters and planned protests that Gun Industry Watch, Million Mom March united with the Brady Campaign, and the Mid-Atlantic Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence received, news came over the weekend that H&R Block is working to sever ties with the NRA. While we wait for final confirmation of this, we ask that you put plans for the March 16th protests
* I do not link to anti-gun pages.

H&R Block Caves.

     H&R Block caved into the antigunners and ended the program. It is nice to know that "Memberdrive's senior vice president of marketing is Susan LaPierre, wife of NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre."
     The letter said that they do not take a position on social issues and that they want "to prevent outside groups from using H&R Block to promote their agendas."  Isn't that what H&R just did?  They are caving in to the pressure of the anti-gunners and preventing the NRA from having a business relationship with H&R that any other group can have.  In all fairness what H&R should have done is offer the same deal to HCI.

Anti-gunner looks to the future

    Mark Pertschuk worked for 10 years as the legislative director and then executive director of Americans for Non-Smokers' Rights, the main national grassroots anti-tobacco organization.  He is now the legislative director at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence in Washington, D.C. and hopes that his past success against the tobacco companies will be repeated against the NRA .  An article in "Join Together", and antigun publication, called "NRA Too Strong? So Was Big Tobacco" outlines some of his ideas and has some good quotes that some people would like to see.  (http://www.jointogether.org/gv/news/features/reader/0,2061,549149,00.html)
"Once we have, say, 35 states with powerful, native grassroots movements-and we could have that in five or 10 years-then we could have the successful building blocks for a successful movement."
     While it may be disheartening to see how effective the NRA has been in its lobbying efforts to keep common-sense gun laws from getting passed, it's worthwhile to remember that the fight against the tobacco industry at one time seemed hopeless. "When I started in the non-smokers' rights movement, everyone thought we were insane," Pertschuk says. "When we said smoking should be banned in workplaces and restaurants, people thought we could never achieve that. When we said that we wanted to ban smoking on airplanes we were a laughingstock."
     He thinks that the turning point in the gun-violence-prevention movement will occur, just as it did for the anti-tobacco movement in roughly 1985, but not for a few more years. He guesses sometime between 2005 and 2015.
     "My theory with this kind of social change is that you have a sort of pent-up demand and that once change begins to occur, once you have real gun control passing and once handgun ownership becomes socially unacceptable, then a lot of that pent-up demand will push for relatively rapid change. I do think the shift has begun."


     I never saw a newspaper article about someone saving someone's life by smoking.  Did I miss the report on the Olympic smoking events?  Do you have to have a NICS check done to buy a pack of smokes?  Are their Smoking Leagues and other competitions?  Do you have to practice smoking to get better?  Do you get awards for smoking?  Does smoking have the LEWIS SYSTEM?  Were the British after the Colonial Smokes when they marched on Concord??  Do the police say, "Put up your hands or I'll Smoke!"?
     This is a good example of the anti's coming up with something that makes no sense unless they are talking to each other but if you repeat it enough some might think that it is a valid point. What do you think?

Gun control advocate may have violated gun laws

By TIMOTHY J. BURGER, New York Daily News
WASHINGTON - Gun-control advocate Sarah Brady bought her 18 year old son a powerful rifle for Christmas in 2000 - and may have skirted Delaware state background-check requirements, the New York Daily News has learned. Brady reveals in a new memoir that she bought James Brady Jr. a Remington .30-06, complete with scope and safety lock, at a Lewes, Del., gun shop.Brady writes in "A Good Fight" that the unnamed gun shop ran federal Brady Law and Delaware state background checks with great fanfare. The book suggests that she did not have her son checked, as required by Delaware state law. The Delaware Department of Justice says the state does not have an exemption for family gifts. Delaware Justice Department spokeswoman Lori Sitler said the purchase could be illegal under state law if Brady did not also say who she was buying the gun for and submit his "name, rank and serial number" for a full check. "You can't purchase a gun for someone else," Sitler said yesterday. "That would be a 'straw purchase.' You've got a problem right there." Anti-gun control advocates were surprised to hear of Brady's foray into their world. CLICK HERE FOR THE WHOLE ARTICLE (PS I called Sen. UpChuck and HRC and urged them to condemn Sara and urge Del. to investigate.)

     She bought her 18 year old son a rifle?  A sniper rifle with a sniper scope?  A straw purchase no less?  This is a good example when even the strongest gun control advocate does not understand the law that she supported and keeps saying is too weak.

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