Former NRA board member Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) and Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) have introduced S. 659, which will take away the legal rights of gun violence victims and give sweeping legal immunity to the gun industry.

The bill was introduced with 52 co-sponsors. This is a majority of Senators, which means we would likely lose any vote on the bill. We must block the bill with a filibuster and then must be in a position to sustain the filibuster, which will require 41 votes for our side. We must immediately communicate to all Senators that we oppose this bill and want them to support a filibuster of it.




1) Oppose S. 659 and

2) Support a filibuster of the bill.

You can also contact your Senators by clicking here: http://www.bradycampaign.org and sending them a pre-written letter telling them to oppose this dangerous bill. Or, you can call them via the Capitol Switchboard at: 202-224-3121.

Please forward this e-mail on to your friends and family so that they too can help prevent this bill from passing.

Here is the list of co-sponsors:

Sen Alexander, Lamar (TN) Sen Allard, A. Wayne (CO)
Sen Allen, George (VA) Sen Baucus, Max (MT)
Sen Bennett, Robert F. (UT) Sen Bond, Christopher S. (MO)
Sen Breaux, John B. (LA) Sen Brownback, Sam (KS)
Sen Bunning, Jim (KY) Sen Burns, Conrad R. (MT)
Sen Campbell, Ben Nighthorse (CO) Sen Chambliss, Saxby (GA)
Sen Cochran, Thad (MS) Sen Coleman, Norm (MN)
Sen Collins, Susan M. (ME) Sen Cornyn, John (TX)
Sen Crapo, Michael D. (ID) Sen Dole, Elizabeth H. (NC)
Sen Domenici, Pete V. (NM) Sen Dorgan, Byron L. (ND)
Sen Ensign, John E. (NV) Sen Enzi, Michael B. (WY)
Sen Frist, Bill (TN) Sen Graham, Lindsey O. (SC)
Sen Grassley, Charles E. (IA) Sen Gregg, Judd (NH)
Sen Hagel, Chuck (NE) Sen Hatch, Orrin G. (UT)
Sen Hutchison, Kay Bailey (TX) Sen Inhofe, Jim (OK)
Sen Johnson, Tim (SD) Sen Kyl, Jon (AZ)
Sen Landrieu, Mary (LA) Sen Lincoln, Blanche (AR)
Sen Lott, Trent (MS) Sen McConnell, Mitch (KY)
Sen Miller, Zell (GA) Sen Murkowski, Lisa (AK)
Sen Nelson, E. Benjamin (NE) Sen Nickles, Don (OK)
Sen Reid, Harry M. (NV) Sen Roberts, Pat (KS)
Sen Santorum, Rick (PA) Sen Sessions, Jeff (AL)
Sen Shelby, Richard C. (AL) Sen Smith, Gordon (OR)
Sen Specter, Arlen (PA) Sen Stevens, Ted (AK)
Sen Sununu, John E. (NH) Sen Talent, Jim [MO]
Sen Thomas, Craig (WY)

We must stop this legislation or the court doors will be slammed shut and gun violence victims will never have their day in court. Victims like the families who lost loved ones in the Washington, DC area sniper attacks, and the two New Jersey police officers, Ken McGuire and David Lemongello, who are seeking to hold a negligent West Virginia pawnshop responsible for its role in fueling the illegal gun market in New Jersey.

Please call your Senator today. And help us keep the rights of gun violence victims intact!

Again, we need all the help we can get. Take a moment to forward this e-mail on to your friends and family so that they too can help prevent this bill from passing.

Keep watching for more updates and ways you can help. United, we can beat this dangerous bill!

"Thumbs up to all of you for your generous support! Together, we will build a safer America." - Jim "The BEAR" Brady