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JANNUARY 2005 Newsletter
Friends of the N.R.A. Announces Their Twelfth Annual Dinner Friends of the N.R.A. Announces Their Twelfth Annual Dinner
2005 Pistol License applications for Orange County Orange County is to get new style pistol license & you will have to pay $10 when you pick up your handgun application
2005 Pistol License applications for Orange County 2004 Pistol License applications for Orange County


NY City passes gun laws for rest of nation. NY City passes gun laws for rest of nation


A Last Word from Neal Knox A Last Word from Neal Knox
Michael Moore's Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge 1/20/05 Michael Moore's Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge 1/20/05
Maryland State Police issue report calling for the end of "Gun DNA" Program
60 Minutes Does a hit piece on 50 Cal. guns 60 Minutes Does a hit piece on 50 Cal. guns

CoBIS or Gun "DNA" Watch

# OF CoBIS "Hits"
$15,666,666 +?

10 Jan, Mon, 18:20:44

12 Jan, Wed, 13:43:46


Friends of the N.R.A. Announces Their Twelfth Annual Dinner Friends of the N.R.A. Announces Their Twelfth Annual Dinner

     The Twelfth Annual Friends of the NRA Dinner will be held on Saturday, March 5th at Kuhl's Highland House in Middletown, NY. Cocktails and Hors D'Oeuvres will start at 5 PM with Buffet Dinner being served at 7:00 PM. Rogero wins a Baretta Shotgun with two barrlesTickets are $35.00 each and you can expect the usual auctions, door prizes, bucket raffles and other special raffles. (I hope to win another gun and other stuff like I did last year.)
     If you want tickets just note that any single/pair of tickets paid by 2/14/05 will receive $20/$40.worth of Bucket Raffle Ticket Free and any Table paid by 2/14/05 will receive $100.00 worth of Bucket Raffle Ticket Free. Any club, individual or business donating an item with a value in excess of $200.00 will receive a Free Dinner Ticket. Any Club or individual purchasing a TABLE (10 TICKETS for $350.00) will receive package of $200.00 worth of Bucket Raffle Tickets.
     Anyone purchasing a NATIONAL SPONSOR PACKAGE for $275.00 will receive: 2 Dinner Tickets, 1 Sponsor Hat, Pin, Decal, $200.00 Bucket Raffle Ticket Package with “Special Gun Drawing Tickets”, Plus a Special Edition Sculpture, “A Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider” valued at over $200.00, plus the “Traditions” Magazine and more.


2005 Pistol License applications for Orange County Orange County is to get new style pistol license
& you will have to pay $10 when you pick up your
handgun application

     Orange County will be one of the first in NY State to get the new style plastic handgun license. It was hoped that the new licenses would start to be issued on Jan. 1, some minor problems have delayed their introduction.
     Starting 1/1/05, the Pistol Department has also started to collect the $10 charge that it has always had when you pick up your application. In the past you would pay the $10 when you turned in the application but because they were handing out many times more applications that were ever turned in, they decided to charge the fee up front to reduce the cost of making all of the application packages that were never turned in. Now, if you loose your application or just never turn it in, they get to keep the $10. They will stamp your application when you pick it up and give you a receipt. You have to keep the receipt when to show the Orange County Sheriff's Department as proof of payment when you hand in your application.

      Don't complain about the $10. It cost them much more than $10 to provide the applications and to process the paperwork. The $10 fee was written into the law decades ago and has never been changed. Several counties have had the law changed to have renewable licenses and to increase the fees. Nassau County charges $200 for a 5 year license, and NY City charges $340 for a 3 year license. In 2004, Pataki tried to introduce 5 year renewable licenses with $100 going to NY State and each county being allowed to charge anything that they want and you know that some counties would have charged $1,000 or more per gun. Now you can expect the anti-gun people in the NY Assembly and Senate to introduce a renewable license bill every year from now on until it passes. Just another reason to join not only the NRA but also NY State groups like SCOPE: The Shooter's Committee On Political Education, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association or the Orange County Federation of Sportsmen.

2005 Pistol License applications for Orange County 2004 Pistol License applications for Orange County

  1999  2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 CHANGE % increase
New Applications 326 374 508 600 431 422 -9 -.02%
Amendments 1624 1763 1920  1870 1920 1,772  -148 -.077%

     Approved pistol applications went down this year by 9 and just slightly below the 5 year average of 448 new licenses a year. Amendments also were down slightly by 148.


NY City passes gun laws for rest of nation. NY City passes gun laws for rest of nation.
Gun Industry Responsibility Act

     On January 4th, 2005, NY City passed Intro. 365, the Gun Industry Responsibility Act. The bill creates a code of conduct for the dealers and manufacturers, and makes it possible to hold them financially liable to a victim of gun violence or their family. If anyone in NYC is a victim of "gun violence", they will now be able to sue the gun dealer, owners, and makers if they did not follow what NY City has determined to be required conduct. A gun dealer will be liable for any injuries or death if the dealer fails to follow responsible sales practices such as selling only from a storefront location and not from a home, automobile or gun show, selling only one gun per individual within a 30-day period, and maintaining records of all sales. Of course, NY City's Mayor, " no one needs to own a gun," Bloomburg is all for the bill and will sign it.
     As you can guess, all of this is illegal but that will not stop the anti-gun people from funding a test case with George Soros' and others money. Can someone pass a law that will hold NYC responsible when a criminal that they put back on the street goes to another state and commits a crime?

NYC Council's Press Release
Council Member David Yassky's Press Release
NY Against Gun Violence PR

MY2centsI am trying to look it up now but a few years ago a civil lawsuit in NY that tried to hold "gun makers and dealers ... liable for injuries or deaths caused by the criminal use of their weapons," was thrown out because no law had been broken. This is now the law on the books that will be broken so that a civil lawsuit can advance.
      I don't see how this law can be upheld but with the liberal courts in NY who knows. We do know that gun makers will have to spend millions to defend against the lawsuits that this law will generate and no one knows who or how many FFL holders across the nation will be exposed to lawsuits in NY because of this bill.


A Last Word from Neal Knox A Last Word from Neal Knox

Neal Knox died Jan. 17 after his illness took an unexpected turn for the worse. This was his last message to those who had supported him. His sons Chris and Jeff plan to continue his work, including his column in SGN.

Dear Friends,

     I've always made it a point to deliver the news to you straight--good or bad. Now I'm afraid I have some unpleasant news. As you're aware, I have been fighting colon cancer for the past year. The doctors tell me that my fight is almost over.
      I believe in miracles. I believe in God's healing power and eternal life through Jesus Christ. I know it will take nothing short of a miracle for me to win this battle.
      Should that miracle be granted, I will rejoice; but I rejoice nonetheless, for I've been blessed with a wonderful life, a great family, work that I love, and many wonderful friends. Most of all, I thank God for my long-suffering wife Jay Janen who not only put up with me, but has actively supported my efforts for the Second Amendment for nearly forty-nine years.
      It's been a great run!
      I had always assumed that long life was my birthright. My father passed away just this past fall at the age of ninety-two.
      I counted on the same sort of life-span and was planning accordingly. We've barely settled into that house in the country that I've been promising Jay for so long. I started rebuilding her classic Mustang convertible and have it in pieces in the basement garage. I've laid out a 100-yard range next to the house, and was looking forward to having my dear friend Ken Oehler help me set up a ballistics lab in the basement.
      Time for those projects was budgeted into the next generation of the Firearms Coalition. The plan was to have sons, Chris and Jeff take more prominent roles in the fight, freeing me up to do other things like shooting and writing books. Jeff moved out here for that purpose over a year ago but my illness sidetracked those plans. I have long wanted to evolve the Firearms Coalition into a resource for grassroots activists and organizations. The goals of the Coalition would be to provide activists with the resources, training, and technology they need to be more effective in the fight.
      Now, I hope you will help Jay and the boys as it looks like they will be taking on this important task without me.
      There will be more details in the weeks and months to come, including a new book that Chris, Jeff and I have been collaborating on. I regret that I am unlikely to see it in print, but I am confident in their ability to see it through.
      I am thankful for you and the many other friends that have blessed my life making me a truly wealthy man. There have been disagreements, even fights, but the goal of freedom has been a unifying force.
      I ask your prayers, both for me and for my family, especially for Jay who never expected to see me go first.
      I urge you to continue the fight. Continue your support of the ongoing efforts of the Firearms Coalition and keep the grass roots growing.
      Thank you for keeping me in the fight for all these years.
      As always: Yours for the Second Amendment,


Michael Moore's Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge 1/20/05 Michael Moore's Bodyguard Arrested on Airport Gun Charge 1/20/05
(This has more to do with NYC arresting people even though they are covered by Federal law than it has to do with Michael Moore.)

FOX NEWS-NEW YORK — Filmmaker Michael Moore's (search) bodyguard was arrested for carrying an unlicensed weapon in New York's JFK airport Wednesday night.

Police took Patrick Burke, who says Moore employs him, into custody after he declared he was carrying a firearm at a ticket counter. Burke is licensed to carry a firearm in Florida and California, but not in New York. Burke was taken to Queens central booking and could potentially be charged with a felony for the incident.

Moore's 2003 Oscar-winning film "Bowling for Columbine" criticizes what Moore calls America's "culture of fear" and its obsession with guns.

I sent the company that Patrick Burke works for an e-mail and this is what I got back.

Thank you for your email. Due to the DA's filing of formal charges now, we are unable to discuss the case. I can however share with you a follow-up statement to the media that may be of interest to you. Should the circumstances allow it, we will contact you in the future.
Thank you for your support.

From: de Becker, Gavin
Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2005 11:41 AM
     We don't identify to whom our protectors are assigned. Also, since some Port Authority officer decided to turn this into an arrest mater, I don't want to comment on the case.
     Just to avoid a misunderstanding, we never confirm or deny to whom our protectors are assigned; our first statement does not say Patrick Burk was once assigned to Michael Moore; it says "If you believe Patrick Burk was ever assigned by our firm to protect Michael Moore, or any number of other public figures, you might accurately report "A bodyguard who was once assigned to protect Michael Moore..."
     Other than naming to whom our protectors might be assigned, I can now give you some full and helpful insight:
     Even were Patrick Burk working as a bodyguard in NYC, he would not have been carrying a firearm there, period - and was not carrying a firearm in NY City. We know the laws well, working within every day all over the world.
     In our firm, only protectors licensed to carry firearms in a given area (city, state) carry firearms in those areas while working. Many protectors do not carry firearms at all, and when they are not authorized to carry a firearm in a given area, they do not.
     *** Note that the DA is NOT alleging that Patrick Burk carried a firearm while working as a bodyguard in New York City, nor should you story do so, of course, as you know that would harm Patrick Burk's livelihood.
     Note also these important points that will help you avoid anything libelous to Patrick Burk, whose livelihood depends in part on your accuracy:
1. Police do not allege that Patrick Burk was carrying a firearm in NYC at any point.
2. Wherever he worked and to whomever Patrick Burk was assigned in recent days, he never carried a firearm in NY City.
3. Most notably for your story, when the Port Authority officer decided to arrest him, Patrick Burk was not working as a bodyguard for anyone, much less Michael Moore.
4. Patrick Burk was traveling through JFK when he legally and appropriately and voluntarily informed the airline that he had a locked gun in his suitcase, just as our personnel and other protectors do hundreds of times every week, according to the law.
     Believe me, I know how anxious you may be to find a Michael Moore connection, and that you want to say "Michael Moore's bodyguard," but it's just not accurate, period. It gives the false implication that Patrick Burk was protecting Michael Moore on Wednesday night and carrying a gun in an airport, no part of which is true.
     Though we do not identify to whom our protectors are assigned, even had Patrick Burk once been assigned to Michael Moore recently, you know he wasn't working for Michael Moore when arrested, you know he has never been employed by Moore, and you have no reason to believe or assume he ever carried a gun in NY City.
     Any Moore connection is a reach, one I understand that you and even someone in the DA's office trying to stand up - but it's not there. Patrick Burk has recently protected many people, but was off-duty traveling when the Port Authority officer made his unusual decision.
      *** Even Fox News has removed the link from their home page.
best to you -

Michael LaFever
President & Managing Principal
Gavin de Becker & Associates

Maryland State Police issue report calling for the end of "Gun DNA" Program

     The Maryland State Police, Forensic Sciences Division issued MD-IBIS PROGRESS REPORT #2 in September 2004. The report discusses the effectiveness of the Maryland Integrated Ballistics Identification System and recommends the suspension of the Program. Maryland has spent over $2.5 million in four years on the “Gun DNA” program and while it has recorded information on over 44,000 cartridge cases, the program has never provided any meaningful hits or enhanced or expedited a crime investigation. Even three double blind proficiency test of system were failures and did not find a “hit.”
     The report also cites the identical failure of NY’s identical “Gun DNA” program called CoBIS or Combined Ballistic Identification System to produce and meaningful hits despite having spent as much as $14 million on the NY program and having more than 88,000 cartridge cases in NY’s data base.
     The NY State Rifle and Pistol Association and S.C.O.P.E., or Shooters' Committee On Political Education and other pro-gun groups are urging Governor Pataki eliminate the program and its up to $4 million a year cost from this years budget while gun control groups and others are calling for the expansion of the program in NY to include rifles and shotguns and for the adoption of the program on a national basis.  

     "Since June of 2003, four blind proficiency tests have been submitted through MD-IBIS. Of the three that have been reported back, the results have been inconclusive or no hits realized. The Program simply has not met expectations and does not aid in the Mission statement of the Department of State Police.
     It is recommended that this Program be suspended, a repeal of the collection of cartridge cases from current law be enacted and the Laboratory Technicians associated with the Program be transferred to the DNA Database Unit."

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms PR

  60 Minutes Does a hit piece on 50 Cal. guns60 Minutes Does a hit piece on 50 Cal. guns
CLICK HERE FOR Sunday 1/9/05

     CBS's 60 Minutes, already known for its anti-gun agenda, did another anti-gun article. This time it was to push the idea of banning the 50 cal. rifles. No 50 cal. rifle has ever been used in a crime but that does not stop 60 Minutes from promoting the idea that these firearms are to powerful to be owned by citizens.

      Diaz wants Congress to pass a law requiring, at a minimum, records to be kept of who’s buying .50-caliber rifles.
      "The real question here is we do not know who has these terribly destructive rifles," says Diaz. "No one in the United States government knows who has these guns."
      "Aren't records kept when a gun is sold," asks Bradley.
      "The answer is no," says Diaz.
      Under the Brady Bill, sales records of guns used to be kept for 90 days, which enabled the FBI to check the names of gun purchasers against terror watch lists.
      A year ago, at Attorney General John Ashcroft’s initiative, Congress reduced the period of record keeping from 90 days to 24 hours. That’s the policy that’s in effect today.


Times Herald-Record
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