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The unofficial, OFFICIAL Rules page for the Orange County NY Pistol League
(Revised November 13, 2005)

Orange County Pistol League

The Orange County Pistol League Consists of teams participating from many surrounding counties.



1. Competitors must be members of the NRA.

2. NRA conventional indoor rules apply.

3. All forms must be completed and submitted and fees paid by the second match date.

4. Sign-up sheet:
· Cannot sign up other team members.
· Cannot sign up then leave.
· Sign-up closes at 8 P.M.

5. Relays begin at 3 P.M. and continue every hour. Last relay is 8 P.M.

6. Competition is at 50 feet and the course of fire is:

· 20 shots slow fire at 2 targets with 10 shots per target fired in 10 minutes per target.
· 20 shots timed fire at 2 targets with 10 shots per target fired in 20 seconds per target.
· 20 shots rapid fire at 2 targets with 10 shots per target fired in 10 seconds per target.

7. Two alibis are allowed and can be used anytime during timed or rapid fire. There are no alibis in slow fire except for re-fires as per NRA rule 9.14.

8. A competitor may declare a "disabled pistol" as per NRA rule 9.5 and the chief range officer (CRO) has inspected and found the pistol to be disabled. The competitor may then switch to another pistol and continue firing or leave the firing line. If the competitor leaves the firing line he/she has the option to have their score not be counted. The disabled pistol may not be used for any other matches entered that match date until it has been fixed and declared safe by the CRO.

8. Scoring is done after the 60 round course and your equipment is off the firing line.

9. Challenges will be decided by a 3-person jury selected by the CRO from the competitors on each relay. All jurors must wait until all competitors on the relay to which they are assigned have accepted their scores, signed and turned in their scorecards.

10. Teams will consist of a maximum of 12 members with the 4 highest scores counting toward the team aggregate.

11. Team members are not required to belong to the same club.

12. Teams with only 3 shooters will take 90% of the 3 score average for the 4th score.

13. Unlimited shoot a-heads and make-ups are permitted. Both will count toward your team and individual score. The first fired score counts for the date on which it is fired and the second and subsequent fired scores will be for either make-ups or shoot a-heads as designated on your scorecard.

14. Competitors shooting for score take precedence over make-ups and shoot a-heads. Make-up and shoot a-head competitors must relinquish their port if needed.


1. Hearing and eye protection are mandatory.

2. Firearms must be boxed until you are at your firing port.

3. Firearms must always be pointed down range.

4. Nobody is allowed forward of the firing line at any time unless directed to do so by the range safety officer (RSO).

5. Brass falling forward of the firing line belongs to the host range.

6. All RSO instructions must be followed.

7. Any infraction of the above rules or any unsafe act is grounds for dismissal off the firing line.


1. Ensure the following forms are completed and submitted and the team fees are paid by the second match date.
· Range waiver form (if required).
· Team roster.
· NRA registration cards also known as the SR-1 score reporting card.

2. Ensure the team is present on their designated host night.

3. In inclement weather call the range to verify the league is running or canceled.

4. Notify team members of the cancellations.

5. Ensure team members are trained and familiar with range procedures, safe handling of firearms and scoring.

I cannot stress enough the importance of the last team captain responsibility. New shooters without the proper training present a safety concern. Inexperienced or shooters new to bullseye are also a safety concern. To both types of shooters the range commands and procedures, rules, scoring and general atmosphere can be daunting. Meet with new or inexperienced shooters at your local range. Explain the NRA rules and run through several National Match Courses (NMC) to get them acquainted to the sport before competing in actual competition. The OCPL has an outstanding 100% safety record since its beginning. Let's keep it going forever.


1. Ensure a range officer is present on the assigned host night.

2. Collect score cards after each relay.

3. Check for correct addition on all score cards.

4. Package score cards and mail to the Statistical Officer.

5. Score luck targets and post winner's name on board.


1. Write your name on the sign-up sheet. The number on the line is your firing point.

2. Get your 6 targets (2 slow, 4 timed/rapid) and a score card.

3. Label the targets (S1, S2, T1, T2, R1and R2) and fill out the score card.

4. If needed, indicate if score is a shoot a-head or a make-up. Leave blank if shooting for score.

5. At the firing line pass your score card to the right and score the person on your left. Competitor on firing point #1 will score the last firing point.

6. After match is complete and targets are scored, sign your score card and the competitors card you scored on your left.

7. Wait until the competitor you scored reviews the targets and score card before you leave.

When you sign your score card you are agreeing with each shot value written in each box. You are not signing in agreement with the final score. Checking each shot value before you sign will help avoid the surprise when scores are posted.


is located on

890 Route 17 M
Monroe, New York 10950


  • Take I-84 to the Thruway Exit.
  • Take the Thruway South to Exit 16 (just before the Harriman toll booth).
  • Pay the Thruway toll and go straight on Route 17
  • Take Exit 130 (Monroe). on the exit ramp bear left to the stop light. Turn left.
  • Go less than a 1/8 of a mile and take the first right (at the white sign for the Town of Monroe).
  • Go less than a 1/4 mile and watch for the commuter parking lot on the left. Turn left into the commuter parking lot and drive through the parking lot to the stop sign at the top of the hill.
  • Across the road is a sign for Master Class. Go across the road and up the hill to the range.