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APRIL/ MAY 2006 Newsletter
I got attacked by a Coyote I got attacked by a Coyote
Orange County Clerks Office looking at Pistol License Fees and Amendment Fees Orange County Clerks Office looking at Pistol License Fees and Amendment Fees
Judge Rosenwasser quits, replacement to be announced Judge Rosenwasser quits, replacement announced


NYSRPA Annual Meeting and NRA NYSRPA Annual Meeting and NRA NYSRPA Annual Meeting and NRA "Mix N' Mingle" to be held at Wallkill Rod & Gun Club on June 10th
NYPD confiscates handguns and rifles from Woodhaven dealer NYPD confiscates handguns and rifles from Woodhaven dealer
Mayor Bloomingidot Bloomberg sues gun dealers Mayor Bloomingidiot Bloomberg does not know what happened in New Orleans
Mayor Bloomingidot Bloomberg sues gun dealers Mayor Bloomingidot Bloomberg sues gun dealers
NY Handgun License Holders no longer exempt from NICS check NY Handgun License Holders no longer exempt from NICS check NY Handgun License Holders no longer exempt from NICS check
Mike Bloomberg, Defender of the 2nd Amendment Mike Bloomberg host Mayors' Summit on Illegal Guns
Mike Bloomberg, Defender of the 2nd Amendment Mike Bloomberg, Defender of the 2nd Amendment


The Smallest Minority Blog's shows progress of The Smallest Minority Blog's shows progress of "shall-issue"
Gun Confiscation In New Orleans Gun Confiscation In New Orleans, A GOA Report with videos
'Let burglars off with caution', police told;     UK Burglars will be allowed to escape without punishment under new instructions sent to all police forces. Police have been told they can let them off the threat of a court appearance and instead allow them to go with a caution.      The same leniency will be shown to criminals responsible for more than 60 other different offences, ranging from arson through vandalism to sex with underage girls.     New rules sent to police chiefs by the Home Office set out how seriously various crimes should be regarded, and when offenders who admit to them should be sent home with a caution. UK working on "Intent-o-meter" Faster on the draw       In an attempt to tackle gun crime in the UK, researchers from Loughborough University are developing an innovative identification system that will use CCTV cameras to spot individuals carrying concealed firearms. ... The team will examine CCTV footage of people carrying concealed firearms to identify characteristics associated with the behaviour of criminals before they commit a gun-related crime. These will include body stance, gait, movement and eye contact with cameras. Once acquired, this information will be used to develop a novel machine-learning system for behavioural interpretation. Armed with this data, the CCTV cameras will scan footage automatically and match behavioural characteristics that indicate if an individual might be carrying a gun.

CoBIS or Gun "DNA" Watch

# OF CoBIS "Hits"
$20,666,666 +?


$21,000,000 +?

06 Apr, Thu, : gun range laws in nyc 26 Apr, Wed, 11:06:21
07 Apr, Fri,
Customs & Border Protection Department of Homeland Security Brookhaven National Laboratory


Reloader Error

     The story behind the blow-up is that the shooter thought he was reloading TiteGroup when in fact it should have been Lil'Gun. The max load on TiteGroup is 5.6 gr. for the 45LC he loaded 18.1 gr.

Photos by Mark Malanowski

I got attacked by a Coyote I got attacked by a Coyote

     I was in Sterling Forest on 5/3/06 early in the morning with Mike K. He was on one side of the East Mombasha Rd. and I was on the west side about .2 miles in. We had set up for turkey but we did not hear anything so after sunrise, 5:57 AM, Mike called me to say that we should move to another place. I decided to make one more call using my box call. I made a few yelps and heard something to my right. When I looked it was a Coyote at full run right on top of me. He grabbed the box call along with my hand and kept running but let go of my hand. He kept running at full tilt and I tried to get a shot at him but my safety was on and he was out of sight in the 1/2 second it took to take it off. The whole thing was over in between 2 and 3 seconds. The Coyote must have be going after the decoy and I was between him and the decoy but when he heard the box call and saw the movement he went for the light brown box call and my hand was in the way. He stepped on my stomach as he ran over me.
     Everything happened too fast for me to think about it. When I looked to my right I saw the Coyote running full speed with his mouth open going after my hand. I did not even have time to pull my hand out of the way. My life did not pass in front of my eyes. I only thought in one or two word thoughts; Coyote - bit hand -(hand still) works- (rabies) shots - KILL - safety on - Too late to shoot.
     One thing that I did do right that I did not realize for several week was that when the Coyote bit my hand I did not pull it back but just let him have it for a foot or two and in that time he let go or just never bit down. If I had tried to pull my hand back it might have been much worse.
    I am having to have the rabies shots and they are not a problem at all other than you have to go back several times. Getting a splinter out of my hand hurts more. If you are ever thinking about skipping the rabies shots because of what you have to go through, forget it. It is no big deal. I have had a lot of shots and these shots are as little as they come. It is hard for you to tell when you are getting them and your arm is not even sore afterwards.


My right hand

I staged this picture.
I was sitting with my back up against the tree and my feet on the log
The Coyote came from my right..
    Two small marks on the top of my hand.    

Orange County Clerks Office looking at Pistol License Fees and Amendment Fees Orange County Clerks Office looking at Pistol License Fees and Amendment Fees

     NY law allows counties to charge from $3 to $10 for your Pistol License Application. Orange County always collected the $10 fee when you turned in the application but starting 1/1/05, the Pistol Permit Department started charging the $10 fee when you pick up your application packet. Nothing in the law states when the county can collect the fee and some counties across the state charge the fee when you pick it up and some when you turn the application in. The advantage of the county charging the fee up front is they do not have to make up, (it does take a lot of time to order all of the forms and put them together and it does cost money,) three or four application packets for every application that is turned in. (That adds up to several thousand application packets for the average of 443 applications turned in each year over the last 7 years.)
     Also starting early in 2005, the Pistol License Department started charging $5 per gun per when you put in an amendment. Unfortunately, this change does not comply to NY law that only allows the counties to charge $3 per amendment.
     John Darney sent a letter asking about the changes and I called on 4/25/06 and they said that they had turned the letter over to the legal department, something that they should have done before they changed the amendment fees to start with.

PL § 400.00 Licenses to carry, possess, repair and dispose of firearms.
14. Fees. ... Elsewhere in the state, the licensing officer shall collect and pay into the county treasury the following fees: for each license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver, not less than three dollars nor more than ten dollars as may be determined by the legislative body of the county; for each amendment thereto, three dollars, ... The fee for a duplicate license shall be five dollars. The fee for processing a license transfer between counties shall be five dollars. The fee for processing a license or renewal thereof for a qualified retired police officer ... retired sheriff, undersheriff, or deputy sheriff of the city of New York ... retired bridge and tunnel officer, sergeant or lieutenant of the triborough bridge and tunnel authority ...retired uniformed court officer in the unified court system, or a qualified retired court clerk in the unified court system in the first and second judicial departments, ... or a retired correction officer ...shall be waived in all counties throughout the state.

Judge Rosenwasser quits, replacement to be announced Judge Rosenwasser quits, replacement announced


     Lori J Currier Woods has taken over for Rosenwasser as of 5/10/06

      I got the following e-mail on April 20th -

     Just to let you know, today I filed amendments to put one of my pistols on my wife's permit, change my employer and position, and also to get the new plastic card licenses for the both of us. While I was at it, I thought, we've both had restricted licenses for over four years now, let's try for an unrestricted licence for my wife and I. However, my issuing judge is Stuart Rosenwasser, and apparently since he had decided to retire, he has stopped doing anything handgun related, even as far as issuing duplicate licenses, or adding handguns to licenses, not to mention removing restrictions from previously issued permits. The word I got from the clerk at the OC Govt center was not to even ask for unrestricted, as that might take months. The powers that be have not even designated someone to take care of the routine stuff.

     Judge Stuart Rosenwasser quit dealing with any Pistol stuff on April 14th so if you have something in process he might have time to finish it but he is not starting anything new. (Don't get upset at the Pistol Department, they do not have anything to do with it and they are waiting to be told what is going to happen just like everyone else.)
     Normally what happens is that Gov. Mario Pataki appoints a new Judge and the new Judge starts doing the Pistol Permits however this may not be what happens this time. Lori J Currier Woods won the election last November to the new Family Court Judge position and she has not been given an area to be responsible for so if they wanted to they could just give her Judge Rosenwasser's area, (Towns of Blooming Grove, Hamptonburgh, Tuxedo, Warwick, Woodbury,) and the new Judge will not get anything. They could also split up Orange County from the current 6 areas to 7 areas and give Judge Lori Currier Woods and area and give the new Judge an area.
     Based on what she said when she was running for office, Judge Lori Currier Woods will not be as good at issuing unrestricted licenses as Judge Rosenwasser was but she said that she would issue them but you might have to wait a few years and have other non disclosed requirements.
      The Hon. Francis A. Nicolai, Administrative Judge, Ninth Judicial District, has appointed Judge Robert DiBella, a Democrat from Wstchester, to cover the open position. Next, Gov. Mario Pataki will appoint someone to finish the term ending Dec. 31, 2005 and that person will have to be approved by the NY Senate, something that will have to happen by July 1st when the Senate goes out of session.
     We have no idea who the new Judge that Pataki will appoint but now is the time to start calling the Orange County Republican Party to tell them that you want a pro-gun Judge who will issue unrestricted licenses both as the person who is appointed and the person who runs for election. Judge Rosenwasser is out the door on May 1st.


NYSRPA Annual Meeting and NRA NYSRPA Annual Meeting and NRA NYSRPA Annual Meeting and NRA "Mix N' Mingle"
to be held at Wallkill Rod & Gun Club on June 10th

New York State Rifle and Pistol Association
2006 Annual Members Meeting
June 10, at the Wallkill Rod & Gun Club

     The NYSRPA 2006 annual members meeting will take place June 10, 10:00am to 8:00pm, at the Wallkill Rod & Gun Club, 316 Bruyn Turnpike, Wallkill concurrent with their annual outdoor chicken bake. This is the first outdoor annual meeting of the NYSRPA. The event is open to the public The cost is $10 per person. Dinner tickets MUST be purchased in advance.

  • Displays: Gunsmith, taxidermist, collector, NYSDEC.
  • Recreational events for young and old.
  • Ranges open for rifle and pistol to 100 yards. Shotgun - 5 Stand. WRGC range fees will apply. 10:00am - 4:00pm.
  • Guest speakers include NRA 1st Vice President John Sigler
  • NYSRPA annual elections will be held at the conclusion of the dinner.
  • This event will be a sellout. Call NYSRPA HQ to reserve your tickets now, 800-469-7772. For more information send e-mail to or
  • NYSRPA annual elections will be held at the conclusion of the dinner.
Fundraiser for RPA-PAC
     The staff of HARDWARE will be running a fundraiser shoot to benefit pro-gun candidates. Test your skill using a superb assortment of hardware from Beretta, Benelli, Smith & Wesson, DS Arms, Magnum Research and more! Featured firearms include the Benelli M4 tactical shotgun, S & W 500 magnum and M & P pistol, DS Arms SA58/FAL, Desert Eagle and more! You will never get this chance to shoot these firearms all in one setting!


FREE NRA-ILA Grassroots "Mix N' Mingle"

     In addition, NRA-ILA Grassroots will hold a FREE "Mix N' Mingle" from 2:00pm - 4:00pm, providing members and the public an opportunity to meet with pro-gun candidates and staff from NRA-ILA HQ, plus earn FREE NRA swag. Tentative agenda: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. - Grassroots Training Workshop, where you'll learn what you can do locally to help pro-Second Amendment candidates. 3:00 p.m. - 4:00 pm - Social hour. Mix n' mingle with your NRA-ILA staff, fellow NRA members, and candidates in attendance. To reserve your seat for this "Mix N' Mingle," please click here. For more information, the ILA Grassroots Division at 800-392-VOTE (8683).

You must register with NRA-ILA and NYSRPA separately
if you want to attend both the "Mix N' Mingle" and annual meeting.

NYPD confiscates handguns and rifles from Woodhaven dealer NYPD confiscates handguns and rifles from Woodhaven dealer
By:stephen Stirling 05/25/2006CLICK HERE FOR STORY

     Michael Spallone, 43, of Woodhaven Rifle and Pistol Range and Jack Togati, 40, of DF Brothers Sport Center in Brooklyn were arrested on misdemeanor charges after undercover investigators charged they bought firearms from each of the dealers without presenting valid state permits to do so.
     In each instance, police videotaped a male investigator, who failed to produce a pistol permit, handling and paying for a gun while a female accompanying him produced a Suffolk County pistol licence, police said.
Both Spallone and Togati's hand-gun and gun dealer's licenses have been suspended as a result of their arrests, according to the NYPD.
     Following their arrest, police confiscated 200 handguns and 34 rifles from Woodhaven Rifle and Pistol Range and 161 rifles and 86 handguns from DF Brothers Sport Center, authorities said.

Mayor Bloomingidot Bloomberg sues gun dealers Mayor Bloomingidiot Bloomberg does not know what happened in New Orleans

     Again anti-gun Mayor Bloomingidot Bloomberg shows how much he does not know what is going on. Mayor Bloomberg was asked on the 5/19/06 at 28:19 of the John Gambling show : “Would he sign the NRA Pledge stating that the mayor would not confiscate the guns of lawful citizens in the event of an emergency similar to what happened in New Orleans?”
      The Mayor’s answer in part was, “ Nobody’s going to take away guns if they are legal, you don’t have the right to do it, nobody does that … “

Mayor Bloomingidot Bloomberg sues gun dealers Mayor Bloomingidiot Bloomberg sues gun dealers

      By this time most of you know that Mayor Bloomberg entered into a conspiracy with other people in his administration, other legal groups and together they hired a Private Investigation company called the James Mintz Group to send employees to illegally buy guns in other states as a “straw purchase.” They did this to get “evidence” so that they could fill a lawsuit against 15 gun dealers.
      Just like the criminals in NY and NY City, Mayor Bloomberg and others have entered into a criminal conspiracy and have again exported NY and NY City crime to other states just like the criminals do.
     The question that I have for Mayor Bloomberg and his co-conspirators is how come the Private Investigators who made the “straw purchases” were not doing anything illegal but if someone else who is not barred from owning a gun does the same thing, what they are doing is legal?

MAY 15, 2006
Mayor Bloomberg Announces the Filing of Federal Lawsuit Against Rogue Gun Dealers
Read the press release
Watch the video in 56k or 300k

Gun laws     From looking at the tape it is clear that the one dealer should have done a lot better job in selling the gun and if the person buying the gun was an ATF agent or other police agent they would have had a good case but because they used a Private Investigator I can not see how they have a case and I can not see how the PIs can avoid arrest.
     It reminds me of the the parent who is upset that the police do not close down a crack house and the parents go to the crack house and buy some crack and then go to the police to show them the crack that they just bought with the idea that now the police can go and arrest the crack dealers. Instead the police arrest the parent for having the drugs. I don't see the difference between the two.
     Actions like this can always have unintended consequences.

Mike's gun shop stings may put holes in 18 cases
Alison Gendar, 5/21/06

     Mayor Bloomberg's decision to hire private investigators to conduct undercover stings at Southern gun shops has potentially jeopardized several criminal cases, law enforcement sources charged. Four cases were compromised and an additional 14 were put at risk by the six-week sting aimed at gun stores in Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia, the sources said. The sources argued that several suspects being watched by authorities had frequented some of the 15 gun shops - but are now cleaning up their acts or lying low because of the publicity. None of the ongoing cases was linked to New York, the sources said.
     "A bunch of private eyes straight out of 'Barnaby Jones' run their own sting operation and all the real enforcement agencies find out about it on the day they are having a press conference? Not good," said a law enforcement source in Washington. The Justice Department held a meeting last week to review potential problems, another source said. "The goal is to lock up gun criminals, not file civil lawsuits with publicity stunts," the source said. But the city's criminal justice czar dismissed the complaints. "What we did can only complement any ongoing investigation," said Criminal Justice Coordinator John Feinblatt, adding his office had received only positive feedback, as well as requests to share the evidence gathered. The NYPD was not involved in the sting. "Agencies will marry the video evidence we gathered with other evidence to make a far richer, far stronger and far more airtight case," Feinblatt said.
     City officials said the sting was not a stunt - but a necessary campaign given how few gun shops are investigated and shuttered for flouting laws governing firearm sales.

NY Handgun License Holders no longer exempt from NICS check NY Handgun License Holders no longer exempt from NICS check NY Handgun License Holders no longer exempt from NICS check

     When the Brady/NICS check started in Nov. 1998, anyone with a handgun license in NY State that was less than 5 years old was exempt from the required NICS check when they bought a long gun or handgun. Also, if your license was over 5 years old, if you added a handgun to your license, most County Pistol License Department, (the program was voluntary,) would send your Amendment through the Sheriff's Department where they would do their required check and you would be issued a NICS Certificate that was good for five years of exemption for NICS checks on handgun and long guns.
     The special NY exemption ended on May 2, 2006 because of the failure of NY DCJS to meet the requirements of the FBI. This also applies to NICS check that the FBI did for your original application. For more information see the full FBI OPEN LETTER TO ALL NEW YORK FIREARMS LICENSEES .

From the FBI letter:
"In 1998, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) sent an Open Letter to all New York FFLs advising them that New York Licenses to carry and possess handguns would qualify as alternatives to background check required under the Brady Law. In March 2004, ATF began a review of all States that had permits that qualified as NICS check alternatives to determine if they still qualified. In May 2005, we informed New York’s Division of Criminal Justice that New York no longer met the qualifications. We gave them until September 30, 2005, and then an extension until April 30, 2006, to address our concerns. New York was not able to meet our concerns during this time frame. Accordingly, New York licenses to carry and possess handguns can no longer qualify as a NICS check alternative."

     When the NICS check requirement was started, the FBI was worried that their system would not be able to handle the load and so they were very lenient in giving states the NICS Check Exemption. Now that the system is up and running the FBI figures that it can be a little more strict it what requirements it can impose for states to qualify for the exemption.
     One of the FBI's new requirements is that NY Penal law specifically state that no handgun license can be issued to anyone who is prohibited from possessing a gun under federal law. That was the FBI's original concern but now that the FBI has had more time to think about NY law, the FBI had decided that it is also going to require that the NICS check that was done after a handgun license was over 5 years old also be covered in NY Penal law.
     Anal-retentive comes to mind when you think about what the FBI is requesting. Does the FBI really think that there is a chance that someone banned under Federal law from owning a gun would ever get a handgun license in NY? It is also impossible for me to think of any good reason to add to PL 265 or PL 400, the voluntary program that allowed for your NICS check to be re-certified after 5 years. Proposed legislation has been written and is in Gov. Mario Pataki's office waiting to go to the legislature and the legislation is supported by some people in DCJS and NY State Police. (I just wish that the FBI would do us a favor and call up Sheldon Silver and ask him to pass the new legislation.) All of this new stuff is being request by the FBI at the same time the FBI is telling everyone that they do not have the money or manpower to automatically do the initial NICS check when they are processing your fingerprints as part of an original pistol license application. So on one hand the FBI is saying that they do not have the time or money to process NICS checks but at the same time they are not going to give NY any exemption so that all of the thousands of gun purchases that did not need the NICS check in the past will now have to have the NICS check done by NY's FFLs. Go figure?

As they say when they are drawing playing cards for the "Gun of the Year" at a Friends of the NRA Dinner.
If your have one of these, throw it away---

(Well, keep it as a souvenir)

Mike Bloomberg, Defender of the 2nd Amendment Mike Bloomberg host Mayors' Summit on Illegal Guns

    What do you get when you call all of the anti-gun mayors that you know and ask them to get together and talk about how all of their gun control laws have failed so you need more gun control laws? I don't know but if you want to see the Press Release Click Here and while you are there you can check out the video 56K or video 300K.
     It is not so much the summit and the fact that they had all of the anti-gun groups to talk to them or that they refused to let any pro-gun group to even talk to them like The National Shooting Sports Foundation, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NSSF PRESS RELEASE.

Mike Bloomberg, Defender of the 2nd Amendment Mike Bloomberg, Defender of the 2nd Amendment
from: Gun Legislation & Politics in New York
Filed under: General, Politics — Jacob @ 7:42 am

     “Believe this or not, I am a defender of the Second Amendment. I see nothing wrong with people having guns,” said Bloomberg on his weekly WABC radio show. Bloomberg, who is leading a national campaign to rid cities of illegal guns, eagerly disclosed that he fired guns and owned a weapon when growing up outside of Boston. “When I grew up, I was at Boy Scout camp. We had riflery,” Bloomberg, 64, said. “When I was, I don’t know, 15 or so, I had a .22-caliber rifle. But I used it only at a range. And, you know, there’s nothing wrong with that.” “Probably my hearing’s gone because of it,” he laughed. “But that’s not the same thing as having guns.”

* Daily News, “Gun-fighter Bloomy was a teen rifleman.
* New York Times, “Bloomberg Reveals a Rifle in His Past.
* Staten Island Advance, “Bloomberg recalls Boy Scout target practice.
* Click here to catch Bloomberg on the WABC radio show. The gun stuff starts at 17 min.

(On the radio show Bloomberg said that people should not have guns if they have kids in the house but his parents let him own a gun when he was 15.)


The Smallest Minority Blog's shows progress of The Smallest Minority Blog's shows progress of "shall-issue"

     The Smallest Minority Blog has a great blog on the progress of "shall-Issue" laws across the States in the last 20 years. It has the best animated gif showing the states that have changed their laws and when. It also has other information about the decline in the crime rate and the rise in gun ownership. CLICK HERE for the link
Shall Issue
May Issue
No Issue
Right to Carry 1986
Right to Carry 2006

     NY is listed as a "shall issue" state but it can not really be compared to any other states because of the way our laws are set up. No other state requires that you have a handgun license just to hold a handgun even if you don't shoot it and no other state requires that you have a license that list each handgun that you can hold by make, model and serial number. Most states only require a license if you want to "Carry Concealed." The way NY laws are set up under PL 400, NY looks like it could be called a "Shall Issue" state because the law contains, "A license for a pistol or revolver, other than a disguised gun, shall be issued to ... " followed by:
"(a) have and possess in his dwelling by a householder;"
"(b) have and possess in his place of business by a merchant or storekeeper;"
These provisions only allow you to keep/carry your handgun in your house or store, not anywhere else.
     The section of the law that does allow you to have a handgun in other places states:
"(f) have and carry concealed, without regard to employment or place of possession, by any person when proper cause exists for the issuance thereof; …" So section (f) allows you to "carry concealed" but you have to show to your Judges requirements that; "proper cause exists for the issuance thereof" and that makes many of the counties in NY "May Issue" because for many Judges, no "proper cause exists for the issuance thereof" ever exist or they have other "Arbitrary and capricious" requirements that they are never required to tell you about. Because you don't meet the requirements, the Judge will only issue you a restricted license. (In fact, NY City decided in 2002 to just not to issue any licenses under section (f) of NY State law.)
     Orange County has more Judges issuing pistol license than any other county that I know of so we have 6 Judges, each with their own different standards and requirements. Many surrounding counties like Ulster issue all unrestricted licenses and they don't have any problems. The point of "Shall Issue" laws is that everyone in the whole state has to meet some standard based not on some unknown requirement but a standard of your past record.
     It is interesting to note that every time "Shall Issue" laws are proposed for some state the anti-gun people always say the same thing: "most people can not be trusted, it will be like the wild west, minor car fender benders will become shootouts in the street, ..." The only problem is that with all of the states switching to "shall issue" they have a hard time finding even one case that they can point to that proves their point, much less the hundreds of "shootouts" that they always predict. One point that can not be ignored is that of all the states that have passed "Shall Issue," not one has ever revoked their law.

Castle doctrine bills next goal in many states

     Many states are now passing "Castle doctrine" laws that remove the requirement to retreat if you are attacked outside of your home. Current NY law PL35 contains, "the actor may not use deadly physical force if he knows that he can with complete safety as to himself and others avoid the necessity of so doing by retreating ..." That does not count in your home but it does count every where else. Of course the Brady Bunch when nuts when Florida passed their law and started handing out warnings to people flying into Florida. As normal, the "shootouts in the streets" predictions have failed to happen. CLICK HERE for the Florida Brady Bunch Story from October of 2005.
     The main problem with "retreat" laws is not only can some anti-gun DA Monday morning quarterback your actions, the criminal can always take you to court because you injured them while they were trying to attack/rob/mug/steal/kill you. What has happened is that many states that are passing the new law also include provisions that prevents the criminals from taking you to court if you injure them defending yourself or others. Some new laws even require the criminal to pay your court cost.

Gun Confiscation In New Orleans Gun Confiscation In New Orleans
A GOA Report with videos

     Gun Owners of America has put together an excellent report on what happened in New Orleans that includes some of the news reports about police taking away peoples guns. Go HERE to find out more.


Times Herald-Record
O C Shooters