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JUNE 2006 Newsletter
Senior Games Trap Shooting set for Sept. 23rd. Senior Games Trap Shooting set for Sept. 23rd.


New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Meeting a great success. New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Meeting a great success
Palisades Region of NYS Parks Summer Jobs Palisades Region of NYS Parks Summer Jobs
2006 - 2007 Hunting Season Dates 2006 - 2007 Hunting Season Dates
Federal agency to review N.Y. gun stings Federal agency to review N.Y. gun stings


Judge overturns San Francisco weapons ban Judge overturns San Francisco weapons ban
Guns and Violence: The English Experience: by Joyce Malcolm Guns and Violence: The English Experience: by Joyce Malcolm
Apply July 1 to carry a concealed gun --- A new law will let Kansans carry hidden weapons, but permits won't be issued until Jan.1, and training is required of everyone. Man Puts Gun In Waistband, Shoots Self In Groin Criminal Charges Possible ---HOQUIAM, Wash. -- A Hoquiam man who accidentally shot himself in the groin could face charges of reckless endangerment and discharging a firearm within the city limits. - Police responded to a report of shots fired Saturday night and found the 21-year-old man bleeding. -He told officers he was upset by personal issues and had fired the gun in the air. While putting the 9 mm handgun back in his waistband it accidentally fired again.

CoBIS or Gun "DNA" Watch

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Senior Games Trap Shooting set for Sept. 23rd. Senior Games Trap Shooting set for Sept. 23rd.

The Orange County Office for the Aging will be holding the 23rd annual Senior Games in 2006 for people 55 and older and Trapshooting will be one of the events will be held at the Shawangunk Fish and Game Club on Saturday, September 23rd. The same format as last year will be followed, but we will have a barbecue after the competition. A small fee is charged and you need t register but you get a t-shirt and last year the ammo was free. Click here for info on last year's event.


New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Meeting a great success. New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Meeting a great success

     Saturday, June the 10th the Annual NYSRPA meeting was held at the Wallkill Rod and Gun Club in Wallkill, NY. About 450 people were pre-registered and most of them showed up and all had a good time with lots of food and the weather held off.
     While the winds were high and it was a little colder than we wanted, as Jacob Rieper said on his blog, "The annual meeting was a big success for us, WRGC, and NRA. We made a pile of money for the R&P and RPA-PAC and signed up lots of new members. The first NRA’s first Mix-N-Mingle in New York went well with special guests including Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun (R-96), Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedesco (R-110), Congresswoman Sue Kelly (R-19) and Senate candidate John Spencer. Tedesco was the recipient of our Legislator of the Year Award."
     John Sigler, NRA's First VP gave a great speech and talked about what happened in New Orleans, LA and how the local Police took the guns away from law abiding citizens but not the criminals. He was also able to show a new short film by Ginny Simone that shows interviews with people who had their guns taken and people who have failed to get their guns back even after a Federal Judge issued an order to the NO police to stop taking guns and to give them back.
     Jacob Rieper had several guns, (Beretta, Benelli, Smith & Wesson, DS Arms, Magnum Research and more,) that you could shoot for a small fee at the WRGC range and that money went to the RPA-PAC.
     The free "Mix N' Mingle" was well attended and they had some gifts for most people who attended. and Jennifer-Bradey, from the NRA did a great job. Her Power Point presentation was well thought out and presented and covered all of the import points in what we can do to help and most importantly, the importance of and how we can get others to help.

Palisades Region of NYS Parks Summer Jobs Palisades Region of NYS Parks Summer Jobs

The Palisades Region of NYS Parks is looking for dedicated, hard-working people to join us.  We are recruiting new employees to fill summer and seasonal job vacancies in the following areas:

  • LIFEGUARDS -  $12.56/hour.  Must be certified and pass the NYS Lifeguard test.  We are also offering a Lifeguard training and certification class from June 26 - June 30.  Successful candidates will be hired to work at our pools and beaches.
  • REGIONAL MAINTENANCE - Salary range  $10.21 - $15.89/hour. Vacancies exist on the road crew and for various trades titles.
  • PARK AND SITE OPERATIONS - Salary range - $7.50 - $13.39/hour.  Vacancies exist at many of our parks and sites.  Positions include fee collection, building and grounds maintenance, database management, program development, etc.

Applications are available at park, sites, and regional headquarters.  Call (845) 786-2701 x 232 for answers to questions or assistance. We are an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Some jobs have already started.

2006 - 2007 Hunting Season Dates 2006 - 2007 Hunting Season Dates

     This picture was taken early in June and we have a few more months but the 2006 - 2007 Hunting Season Dates have been updated on the main Hunting Page. If you have never seen the page make sure you check it out. It has lots of good information. Look at the Hunting Index Page for even more Hunting and Fishing Links and Information.


     By PHILIP MESSING June 7, 2006 -- A second Big Apple gun store swept up in the city's crackdown on rogue gun dealers had hundreds of firearms returned by police, the store's lawyer said yesterday.
      Cops handed back 234 firearms to the Woodhaven Rifle and Pistol Range in Woodhaven, Queens, after seizing the guns in an undercover sting on May 25. The turnaround came a day after cops returned 247 weapons taken from DF Brothers Sports Center in Brooklyn in the same sting.
      "This is a law-abiding gun shop. This is not some squirrelly Southern gun dealer trying to make money and is NRA-happy. They only deal with licensees," said John Chambers, the lawyer for the Woodhaven range.
      Store owner Michael Spallone, 43, was busted for selling guns to an undercover investigator accompanied by a retired female cop who showed a Suffolk County pistol permit. The same investigators were used in the sting against the Brooklyn gun shop.
      But Chambers argued the sting operation amounted to nothing more than entrapment.
      He said his client followed procedures - initially refusing to sell the gun and insisting the investigators procure required paperwork from Suffolk County police.
      The lawyer said that when they returned the next day, the serial number had been transposed on the paperwork, so his client refused to let them leave with the gun.
      "They said, 'Come on! We're coming from so far away. It's only two numbers. Don't make us go back to Suffolk County. What's the big deal?' " Chambers quoted the investigators as saying. "They were literally badgering him to do this -to make the sale."
      He said after several minutes of this, Spallone relented and agreed to make the sale if the Suffolk PD gave him permission. Chambers said Spallone spoke to an official in the Long Island department and the official said it was OK for him to change the paperwork to reflect the right number, so he went ahead with the sale.
      That prompted the raid and seizure of the weapons.
      But Chambers said city lawyers ultimately realized no crime had been committed and decided to return the weapons.
      Virginia Lam, a spokeswoman for Mayor Bloomberg, said the gun dealers involved would be "subject to heightened scrutiny by the NYPD, which will include vigorous monitoring of compliance with New York City laws."
      A Queens law-enforcement source said the case had not yet been turned over to the District Attorney's Office there, and prosecutors were prepared to proceed if necessary.
      Brooklyn prosecutors said the case against DF Brothers was still pending. At the time of the bust, police said the Woodhaven gun shop had sold 44 weapons used in city crimes between 1994 and 2001.
      In the same period, they said DF Brothers had sold 28 guns used in city crimes.

Federal agency to review N.Y. gun stingsFederal agency to review N.Y. gun stings

By DAVID B. CARUSO, AP, Writer, 5/26/06
     The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is examining the results of an unusual sting set up by the City of New York, in which private investigators recorded themselves purchasing handguns at shops in several states.
      Acting independently of law enforcement, the investigators took hidden cameras into stores to test whether they would participate in a type of transaction known as a "straw purchase," where one person illegally buys a gun on behalf of someone else.
     Black-market dealers routinely use straw buyers to acquire weapons on behalf of people barred from owning guns, like convicted felons.
     The exercise was conducted primarily to support a civil lawsuit, filed by the city last week, accusing 15 gun shops in five states of repeatedly selling to questionable buyers.
     Between 1994 and 2001, the 15 shops named in the lawsuit sold at least 640 guns subsequently linked to crimes committed in New York, including several fatal shootings. The stores were in Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia.
     William G. McMahon, special agent in charge of the ATF's New York field division, announced Friday that the agency would review the intelligence gathered by the city and target any federally licensed firearms dealers who broke the law.
     In a twist, ATF's inquiry will also include a review of whether the city acted legally in setting up the sting.
     Several gun-rights advocates have questioned whether the city itself broke firearms rules or committed fraud by attempting to simulate straw sales in other states.
     During the sting, undercover investigators working for the James Mintz Group visited shops that had a history of selling guns later used to commit a crime.
     A male investigator posed as the actual purchaser of the firearm - interacting with sales clerks and examining merchandise - while a female companion stood nearby and acted disinterested.
     When the time came to make the sale, the woman stepped in to fill out paperwork registering herself as the legal owner.
     Many merchants refused the sale, saying it looked fishy, but at least 15 went ahead with the transaction, the city said.
     ATF spokesman Joseph Green said Friday that the actions of both the sellers and the undercover buyers would be examined.
     "We are on a fact finding mission right now, and we told them we are going to have to look into what happened. We will have to look into whether any laws were violated," Green said.
     Among the issues being explored: Did the investigators provide accurate information on ATF forms at the time of purchase, and did they comply with laws requiring them to be residents of the states where they acquired the weapons?
     John Feinblatt, criminal justice director for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said the city took great care to structure the sting in a way that complied with all federal rules.
     Police revealed Thursday that a similar sting conducted at shops within city limits had led to the arrest of two licensed firearms dealers on misdemeanor charges.

George Rogero NOTE: When the Times Herald Record had a short article about this, they left out: "In a twist, ATF's inquiry will also include a review of whether the city acted legally in setting up the sting."


Judge overturns San Francisco weapons ban Judge overturns San Francisco weapons ban

By DAVID KRAVETS, AP Legal Affairs Writer, 6/12/06
      A state trial judge on Monday overturned a voter-approved city ordinance that banned handgun possession and firearm sales in San Francisco, siding with gun owners who said the city did not have the authority to prohibit the weapons.
      Measure H was placed on the November ballot by the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors, who were frustrated by a rising number of gun-related homicides in the city of 750,000. San Francisco recorded at least 94 murders last year, a 10-year high.
      The National Rifle Association sued a day after 58 percent of voters approved the law.
      In siding with the gun owners, San Francisco County Superior Court Judge James Warren said a local government cannot ban weapons because the California Legislature allows their sale and possession.
      "My clients are thrilled that the court recognized that law-abiding firearms owners who choose to own a gun to defend themselves or their families are part of the solution and not part of the problem," NRA attorney Chuck Michel said. "Hopefully, the city will recognize that gun owners can contribute to the effort to fight the criminal misuse of firearms, a goal that we all share."
      The ordinance targeted only city residents, meaning nonresidents in the city or even tourists were not banned from possessing or selling guns here.
      Warren's decision was not unexpected. In 1982, a California appeals court nullified an almost identical San Francisco gun ban largely on grounds that the city cannot enact an ordinance that conflicts with state law.
      But years later, in 1998, a state appeals court upheld West Hollywood's ban on the sale of so-called Saturday night specials, small and cheap handguns that city leaders said contributed to violent crime. And three years ago, the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of Los Angeles and Alameda counties, saying local governments could ban the possession and sale of weapons on government property, such as fairgrounds.
      That decision, however, did not address the issue of private property sales and possession, as outlined in the San Francisco law.
      The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit also is considering a challenge to a similar handgun ban in the District of Columbia that alleges the law violates a Second Amendment right of individuals to bear arms.
      The NRA lawsuit here avoided those allegations.
      Matt Dorsey, a spokesman for City Attorney Dennis Herrera, whose office unsuccessfully defended the law before Warren, said the city was mulling whether it was going to appeal.
      "We're disappointed that the court has denied the right of voters to enact a reasonable, narrowly tailored restriction on handgun possession," Dorsey said. "San Francisco voters spoke loud and clear on the issue of gun violence."
      The case is Fiscal v. San Francisco 05-505960.


     As early as Wednesday, 6/14/06, the House Judiciary Committee could vote on a series of important NSSF-supported bills that will benefit our industry. The bills are:
H.R. 5092 (ATF Modernization and Reform Act) will, among other things, prevent ATF from revoking a retailer's FFL without a true showing of willful violation.
H.R. 5005 (Firearms Corrections and Improvements Act) contains seven pro-firearms industry initiatives, including preventing the Department of Justice from charging a fee for NICS checks and protecting law enforcement investigations by barring public disclosure of trace data to the likes of Mayor Bloomberg for use in civil lawsuits against retailers.
H.R. 1415 (NICS Improvement Act) enhances the NICS system to ensure the safe and expeditious transfer of a firearm to a law-abiding purchaser.
H.R. 1384 (Firearms Commerce Modernization Act) removes several antiquated and unnecessary restrictions on interstate firearms business. For example, the act will allow interstate sale of all firearms, not just long guns, after a background check and in accordance with the law of both states.
To learn more about these bills and to contact your representative, visit NSSF's online Legislative Action Center.

Guns and Violence: The English Experience: by Joyce Malcolm Guns and Violence: The English Experience: by Joyce Malcolm

     Joyce Malcolm's 2002 book has started the England vs USA gun debate again and how you report on the book does depend on how you feel about guns. Malcolm's last book, To Keep and Bear Arms: The Origins of an Anglo-American Right dealt with the gun issue in America. Here are some reviews:

The Gold Standard of Gun Control, By David B. Kopel, Paul Gallant, and Joanne D. Eisen

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